What is the Game?

The Business Strategy Game (BSG) is an online simulation marketed by Mcgraw-Hill and created by GLO-BUS Software Inc. The BSG is often used for high level college courses. The game puts students in the groups to run an athletic footwear company in a global market. This global arena is divided into four regions so students will need to make decisions based upon the different needs of each market.

What does the BSG Encompass?

Students who are playing the BSG are put into groups. These groups are in charge of running all areas of the business including operations, sales/marketing, and finance. Though these are the major categories, the students are tasked with running the details of each different area of business. For example, under the sales/marketing function students will be in charge of their companies online presence. The simulation mimics the actual athletic footwear industry, so it is more real than many other similar activities.

BSG Instructors

The simulation is great for instructors. First, it is an easy way to stimulate creativity and motivation in students. Students often like to compete, especially those in high level business classes. The business strategy game gives students the opportunity to try out strategies and dive deep into the simulation. Many other assignments fail to earn the students full attention and effort. This simulation is often different due to the competitive nature.

Much of the simulation is automated. This means professors, many of whom are already overworked, will need to do less grading and less course preparation. Yet, even with the professors doing less work, the classroom will be more likely to enjoy this competition than many normal out of the book assignments.

BSG Students

Many of the same benefits for instructors apply to the classroom as well. The bsg fosters competitiveness in the classroom. This competiteveness is often a good thing and will more than likely garner a greater effort from the college age students it is targeted at. Students who are able to participate in a simulation such as this will have a greater understanding of business in the real world. As we all know, you can't learn everything in the classroom, but the closer the students can get to a real world experience, the better off they will be.


The bsg is a very viable option that should be looked into for high level business courses. It is an all encompassing simulation that can provide benefits for both students and instructors. Professors who are looking to give students the best training before the real world should take a look and decide if this game would fit into the objectives of their course.