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When one wants to buy seafood for that special lobster dinner he or she will be happy to know that he or she can buy lobster online.  While one may be quite surprised to learn that he or she can buy fish online or buy main lobster online, one can be assured that the products arrive well-packaged, fresh and ready to cook.  A special lobster dinner can be on its way for delivery to the home in a matter of a few days.  Lobster prices online are competitive and often are quite similar to those in local markets.  Online specials can often offer additional savings for the savvy consumer.  One need not settle for frozen lobster when having it shipped to the home, fresh lobster delivery is entirely possible and fresh lobster is always preferable to frozen lobster especially for the most special meals.  Mail order lobster might seem like a farfetched idea but one can most certainly rest assured that the product will be delivered fresh and will be delicious when cooked.

Buying Lobster from an online retailer

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One can order live New England Lobster that are 4-6 pounds each on average and ship in a 10 pound case of two lobsters.  The meat from these lobsters is utterly delicious.  Customers who have purchased these lobsters online have been quite pleased to receive the fresh, live shellfish ready to cook.  The lobsters can be stored for up to 24 hours after arrival but should then be cooked properly and enjoyed. There is no better meal to impress someone than a fresh Maine lobster.  One can buy fish online or other seafood online to accompany this fine shellfish for dinner.  For a great lobster dinner one can bet that these lobster prices are more than fair and that no one will be disappointed with this purchase.  One will be pleased with the decision to buy lobster in this manner. Why buy tasteless frozen lobster when one can order these fresh lobsters and get lobster delivery to his or her own home.  Mail order lobster especially for those that do not have access to fresh lobster in their own local market is a great convenience.

What to do with the lobster when it arrives

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Those who buy lobster online have to be prepared for the arrival of a live seafood product.  Before one decides to buy lobster he or she needs to be sure to have a good steamer pot if the lobster will be steamed.  If one is going to hold the lobsters to cook the next day he or she needs to be prepared with a decent amount of space in the refrigerator in order to  store, uncovered and set in wet seaweed or damp newspaper  the live lobsters in a safe place and keep them fresh for cooking the next day. 

Some great ways to enjoy lobster

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When one opts to buy lobster, there are so many choices for delicious preparations.  One can boil, steam, broil, bake, stuff or even clean and use in bisques, salads or other recipes.  No matter how one decides to cook and enjoy these delicious shellfish, he or she will no regret the decision to buy lobster online.