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Travel & Places
by Skymind
3 years ago
City Names in Denmark - Why and When

If you have ever visited Denmark then you may have wondered about the city names. What do they mean, and why do so many of them have endings like -lev, -rup or -sted? Here you will find a description of the historical significance of the more common endings, together with a few examples.

Travel & Places
by claudslewis
4 years ago
What to See in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is slowly gaining recognition as a must see European destination. As the capital of the happiest country on earth it boasts a relatively pollution-free environment, delectable cuisine, a rich history and friendly locals. There's plenty to see and do for travelers of all kinds.

Travel & Places
by Evan Powers
7 years ago
An Introduction to Denmark

Learn more about the unique geographic properties of the ancient kingdom of Denmark, located on the northern part of the Jutland Peninsula. This nation has notable wildlife, vegetation, culture and history.

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