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Travel & Places
by Phenomenal Lady
7 years ago
Top-Ten Must Dos in Jamaica

This article provides a list of the top-ten things you MUST do when visiting Jamaica in order to make the best of your trip and get your money's worth

Travel & Places
by Chase
7 years ago
Review Of Breezes Resort & Spa - Negril, Jamaica

Jamaica is a prime destination for vacationers escaping the cold, taking time with their children on break, or just trying to get away. There are all-inclusive resorts interspersed throughout the small island, making choosing just one a huge task. Breezes Resort & Spa is located in Negril, Jamaica, and claims to be paradise in a quiet cove on Negril beach. But is this really the case? What can someone expect if they are booking an all-inclusive vacation at this resort?

Travel & Places
by Deborah-Diane
9 years ago
Jamaica: Land of Vibrant Colors and Music

The moment you arrive in Jamaica, the vibrant colors and music of this tropical island will envelop you. Jamaica, a jungle paradise, sits like a lovely emerald in the middle of the beautiful turquoise Caribbean water that surrounds it.

Travel & Places
by x3xsolxdierx3x
10 years ago
How-to Plan the Perfect Honeymoon in Jamaica

As a soon-to-be-married man, with our big wedding day slowly approaching, planning for our honeymoon in Jamaica was something that had to essentially be done simultaneously to our planning our wedding. As if the wedding, in itself, didn't present quite a few demands already, my partner and I...

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