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Travel & Places
by Yindee
3 years ago
Madagascar's North West Islands

Visit tropical Islands with luscious forests, lemurs, chameleons and other strange beasts. Marine reserves in this area provide the best underwater scenery, in pristine condition. Soak up the sun on a solitary beach.

Travel & Places
by Yindee
4 years ago
Madagascar's Wacky Wanimals and Weirdest Rock Formations

Explore the northern region of Madagascar and meet giant chameleons, lemurs and locals. We survive the extreme roads, full of pitfalls and wallow in the mud. Join us for some unique and bizarre experiences.

Travel & Places
by Naxasinmax
5 years ago
On the spot/Emergency Top 5 New York

Whenever friends come to visit it seems that they often come at the most inopportune times. "Hey Nax I just landed in New York for a few hours do you have time to hang out?" I mean come on, really!! I have lived in China, Spain, and Thailand and not once have people call me on the same day to hang out. I guess New York is that place. The place of dreams, opportunity, and excitement! That's why I created this list for moments when that random second cousin, or 2nd grade classmate hits you up and says "Hey stopping by in NYC, lets hang out!!," you'll be ready.

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