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by Kaizerorama17
10 years ago
How To Effectively Lighten Skin

There IS Beautiful Skin!

Things You'll Need:
-A melanin inhibitor. Like an Arbutin cream, or the infamous Hydroquinone. Melanin is the pigment that gives your skin color. These inhibit that process.
-An exfoliating agent that actually sloughs off the top layer of dead skin cells. This will expedite the lightening process, because the...

by MasterDayton
10 years ago
Uncommon Liposuction Procedures

Liposuction is a procedure that seems to have the unusual distinction of becoming more and more mainstream while it's reputation still remains just as questionable among certain groups. There's no question that nothing replaces diet and exercise for getting healthy and burning away the fat, and while many fat...

by CheekGoogleGirl
10 years ago
Butt Enhancement Pills And Other Alternatives For A Bigger Bottom Line

Woman all over the world are reacting very positively towards butt enhancement pills and other products that promise to enlarge the backside. Jennifer Lopez, & Kim Kardashian are some of the most popular big bottom chicks out there, and can be blamed for a large portion in the public...

by zeusmachine
10 years ago
Men Wanting Feminine Breasts

There is little understanding and compassion in the world today for men who desire growing feminine male breasts. Many people consider such men unhealthy and even unnatural. But we are beginning to understand that not everyone feels comfortable in the body they have been born into. Yes, the body you're born with is...

by greg
12 years ago
What Is Rhinoplasty?

A "nose job" or rhinoplasty is a common surgical procedure that transforms the way someone's nose appears. Nose jobs can also balance out a person's facial features, adding symmetry and a more defined look. If a person is self conscious about the way their nose looks, they may consider...

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