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Travel & Places
by katherineabuhadal
7 years ago
Refugees in Yemen: Integration as a Durable Solution?

Asylum and displacement represent one of ways in which conflict and politics affect education. For those fleeing war, protection and safety may seem to take priority to education. However in situations of protracted conflict and displacement, such as in the horn of Africa, refugees may find themselves in need of more than just a place to stay; they also require basic services such as healthcare, education, and secure economic conditions and livelihoods opportunities.

Travel & Places
by katherineabuhadal
8 years ago
Youth Identity in Yemen

A paradox in many ways, Yemen stands in contrast to the other countries of the Arabian Peninsula. It is a lone republic among monarchies, however remains the poorest and least developed country on the peninsula, and indeed the only non-member of the GCC. Images of Yemen conjure up scenes akin to the Wild West for their neighbors to the north. Yet it has been a locale for one of the larger social uprisings which the MENA region has seen over the past year. Nobel Prize winner Tawakul Karmun is a symbol that the world has recognized this movement of mind and blood.

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