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cPanel is one of the most commonly used webhosting tools that provides an easy and safe way to host your websites with web hosting companies. cPanel is based on the Unix operating system and is in the form of a control panel for web hosting services. cPanel can be accessed through any web browser and is the basic function for website owners and server administration.

One of the many reasons that web hosting companies are switching to a cPanel hosting platform is because of the simplicity and ease that cPanel provides. With cPanel, you can instantly upload files, add new domains, switch website templates, to name a few. You can also keep track of your website statistics through cPanel.

With cPanel, you have total control over you websites and you can easily backup all of your websites and files using the backup feature. In this century, backing up your files is always a good option to have because hackers are always look for a way to gain access to cPanel accounts as well as entering websites to steal information.

Another great advantage of cPanel is that it can be easily skinned; companies can modify cPanel to their liking, which will drive customers to different companies based on customer opinion.

cPanel is notorious for frequently updating their features and getting rid of any bugs they might find. They are even known to update on a daily basis.

It is easy to understand why cPanel is wanted by web hosting customers but the truth is that it makes it easier for web hosting companies to organize each customer's files on their servers with cPanel. Although it's designed for any Unix OS, cPanel most used on Linux PHP hosting.

While cPanel has been defined as one of the easiest web hosting control panels on the internet, it still has some disadvantages. Cpanel has been looked at as a "newbie source' or a "starting place" for web development and administration. Many companies have been frustrated with cPanel because the features are simply to easy to use and not complex enough for their systems. In fact, some companies have weaned off of cPanel and have went to other web hosting control panels that provide more diverse hosting tools for their own websites and servers.

Another common disadvantage, customer wise, is that cPanel is one of the most used web hosting control panels in the world. Many companies see this as a disadvantage because they don't want to be like other companies, they want something that sets the company apart from other companies and they can not do that if everyone is using the same type of software.

cPanel can basically be determined on personal preference, there are many advantages and disadvantages of using cPanel and different customers may have a personal preference of what they want.