Captain America has been a popular superhero for so many generations that it's hard to believe! Since 1941, he's been around, with his roots obviously well entrenched in World War II. But these days, Cap (also known as Steve Rogers) has made an enormous come back to super stardom with Marvel Comic's awesome Captain America:The First Avenger movie and, of course, The Avengers. It's no surprise that a Captain America Halloween costume is such a big deal come trick-or-treating time, and here you'll see my four favorites for kids. 

Avengers Captain America Classic CostumeThese four costumes cover ages from toddlers all the way up to pre-teens. You know--those years when dressing up like a superhero is the best thing around! You can make your child grin from ear to ear with one of these looks. You'll see below, too, slight style changes to the suit, from Steve Roger's classic costume from the comics to a few Avengers styles, one with a unique twist. And of course there's the famous shield...

So let's get your kids ready for Halloween as one of the coolest superheros around. Let that little crime fighter out!

Captain America Avengers Costume

Like it's right from the movies...

Avengers Captain America Classic Costume, Red/White/Blue, Small
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(price as of Aug 6, 2013)

This is an official Marvel licensed costume that takes its nod straight from the more modern-day Captain America. If your child is after The Avengers look, this is the go-to costume. What's the difference between this costume and earlier versions? Mostly it's in minor styling--a more modern cut and finish--but the big giveaway is the lack of wings that stick up on the helmet. Cap's 3D wings are a classic comic-book fan favorite, but the helmet has been modernized for the newest iterations of the character. The wings are still there, but streamlined as a set of white bars running down the side. 

This suit is made of 100% polyester and is recommended for hand washing. It comes with the jumpsuit and the headpiece, but note: It does not come with the shield. Don't worry, that's covered later. The shield is a must to top off any Cap costume. 

Captain America Avengers Costume...With Muscles

A fun play on the Avengers costume...

Spirit Captain America Avengers Classic Muscle Child Costume Childs Small
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(price as of Aug 6, 2013)

Kids Muscle Chest Captain America Halloween CostumeYou may be thinking, "Wait a minute, this looks exactly like the costume above! What gives?" And you'd be right, until you take a closer look. This costume set gives your kid the muscle-bound look of Steve Rogers. The torso and arms have built-in muscle padding to accomplish a totally ripped Steve Rogers look. That's pure Halloween costume fun, and your kid will jump right into character. 

Otherwise, this costume is very much like the one above. It has The Avengers styling, 100% polyester, and again hand washing is a must. The set too only comes with the headpiece and jumpsuit, so you've got to pick up that shield to go with it. A great one is covered below. 

The Captain America Baby Costume

Who said Cap is only for toddlers and kids?

Disguise Costumes Marvels Super Hero Squad Captain America Infant CostumeBabies dressed up like superheros is crazy cute, and there's no superhero more wholesome than the Cap. He's a perfect choice for a young baby boy growing up among superhero super-fans. What's cutest of all is the raised headpiece wings, right from the classic costumes. They're like little ears! Don't let the light blue in the photo above fool you. The blue in the costume is the typical darker blue you see in the traditional Cap costumes (as you see here). 

This is a offical Marvel licensed costume, made like the others of polyester. The headpiece and the jumpsuit are what you get. But of course a shield in this case may not be the most appropriate accessory. 

The Classic Captain America Costume

Want the headpiece with the wings? Here you go!

Captain America Classic Costume
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(price as of Aug 6, 2013)

Captain America Classic CostumeHere's the classic comic look in all of its glory! If you've got a kid who loves the early comic book Cap--or who's just a sucker for the raised helmet wings--this is the best choice going. You'll see that the rest of the costume is quite similar to the Avengers style Captain, just with slight variations in the cut and more primary red and blue colors. 

Here, too, you're going to need to pick up a shield to go with the jumpsuit and headpiece. Remember, the shield is a big part of this superhero, so don't forget it when ordering before Halloween! In terms of care, the suit again is 100% polyester, and you'll need to wash by hand. 

The Captain America Shield

One of the most famous superhero accessories...ever.

Child Captain America Shield
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(price as of Aug 6, 2013)

Captain America ShieldAs you can see from above, the Captain shield is not something that comes with most costumes. You'll need to buy that separately. Don't overlook it! Dressing up like Captain America for Halloween without the famous shield is like dressing up like Green Lantern without a ring, Spider-Man without some web, or Wonder Woman without a lasso. You're missing the best part of the costume!

The one above measures 12.5 inches across and has the color stylings from the movies. The colors are darker tones, so it goes best with the Avenger-style costumes. If you're child is dressing up like the classic Cap, opt for a shield that uses the brighter primary red and blue colors. 

Save The World On Halloween Night

Your child can have a ton of trick-or-treat fun by dressing up in a Captain America Halloween costume. If he's a fan of the Cap, then you're going to have an awesome time, especially if you've got a whole crew of kids dressing up as different Avengers. So choose the best style for him, and enjoy Halloween to its fullest!