What type of cat is your child?

They are our furry feline friends, and at Halloween, it's a blast to celebrate them! Cats. Our culture has many famous cats out there, and the cuteness of even the most common of cat has made the look a go-to for kids on Halloween night. So if you're looking for cat Halloween costumes for kids, you've got some choices to make!

There are many styles to choose from, from fun and funny to hip and full of attitude. Below are my five favorite cat costume ideas that'll have your kids purring with delight over the opportunity to trick-or-treat as their favorite feline. Take a look. The right style for your child is out there. 

The Dr. Seuss Cat In The Hat Costume

Bigger than life, and great for both boys and girls.

Dr. Seuss Cat In Hat Kids Costume - Medium
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(price as of Oct 11, 2015)

Dr. Seuss Cat in CostumeCredit: Amazon.comIs there a more famous kitty than the Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss? He's inspired kids for generations, and there's an over-the top, myschevious style here all his own. The big red bow tie and giant red and white striped hat are the staples of this cat costume. You can see the Cat in the Hat coming from a mile away, and that's a good thing. The Cat in the Hat can be a lot of fun "playing the role" of on Halloween night. This is definitely a costume that allows for some getting into character which will definitely add to the trick-or-treating fun.

Perhaps my favorite aspect of this kitty costume is that boys actually feel comfortable wearing it too. The Cat in the Hat is universally loved, and your little boy can have a great time dressing up like this goofy character. He's a male cat after all, and Mike Myers famous played this kitty in the movie (The Cat in the Hat, see a clip below).


See Mike Myers take on the role.

The Catwoman Costume

The darker side of the cat world comes to life.

Batman Dark Knight Rises Child's Deluxe Catwoman Costume - Large
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(price as of Oct 11, 2015)

Child Deluxe Catwoman CostumeCatwoman has always been a popular character to dress up as, but the popularity has risen to new heights with Anne Hathaway's performance in The Dark Knight Rises. Girls love to dress up as this sort-of villain. She's got a bad streak, but also a heart. Plus she hangs out with Batman, meaning she keeps very cool company. 

If you've got a pack of kids dressing up like superheros, this is a costume that'll fit right in. Especially since choices for girls are still limited in the superhero front. It's getting better, but still limited. 

A Catwoman costume is another great choice for kids that get into the role-playing aspect of Halloween. If your little girl has a dramatic side, this is an excellent choice for her. 

See Catwoman beat up some bad guys in "The Dark Knight Rises"

The Simple Black Cat Costume

Purrrty and just right for Halloween.

Child's Black Cat Costume (Size:Medium 8-10)
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(price as of Oct 11, 2015)

Child's Black Cat Costume (Size:Medium 8-10)Credit: Amazon.comInstead of going for some of the more over-the-top cat Halloween costumes for kids, you can go much simpler too. There's nothing more simple than a black cat. And yet, the feline still has major meaning for the holiday. Black cats, after all, are well-known for the famous superstition surrounding them. It's bad luck if one crosses your path, so they say. I personally have two black cats in my house, and feel pretty lucky, so don't let the superstition scare you off! This is a great cat Halloween costume because Halloween is all about those quirky and spooky superstitions. Your kid will fit right into the night as a black cat. 

This cat costume idea is also fun because it gives you a chance to do some face painting. You can create whiskers and the black button nose, along with playing around with eyeliner for a dramatic effect. So while the costume itself is simple, you can have a blast with getting creative with your face!

The Baby Cat Costume

Nothing is cuter.

Little Kitty Baby/Toddler Cat Halloween CostumeCredit: Amazon.comYou may be looking for a great costume for an older child, but if you've got a baby or toddler too, you must consider dressing them up in a cat costume for Halloween. It just might be the cutest thing on the planet. If your older children are going as cats, then this makes an excellent way to continue the trend. In fact, you could go as a family and dress up yourself as well! That'd be an excellent way to bond as a family on Halloween.

The Sassy Cat Costume

When your kid wants to throw a little attitude.

California Costumes Skelanimals Kit, The Cat - Large
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(price as of Oct 11, 2015)

Kit the Kat Child CostumeCredit: Amazon.comCats aren't just about being cute and cuddly, there's also a little devious streak in them too. And there are lots of costumes out there that celebrate the sass that these felines show on a daily basis. Something like the Skelanimals costume above works. It's a cute cut for girls, but it's got the extra touches that layer on the attitude: the cat hoodie and the skeleton kitty bag being the two biggest. And you've got to love the leg bone leggings for adding to the Halloween look. 

This is a great look for Halloween parties for kids, as lots of girls don't want to dress up in full cat attire. They want to look cute. This one works both angles. It's the type of look that your tweens and early teens will go for. Part costume, part cute party look.

Make Your Kids Purr

So there are lots of varities of cat Halloween costumes for kids, as you can see. And all of them fit different personalities and needs. So think to youself: What type of cat is your child? More of a over-the-top character, one that's true to form, or one that throws some attitude? When you know that, picking your child's Halloween costume becomes a whole lot easier! Make sure you get them involved too. It is, after all, their Halloween night. The right costume will have them purring with excitement for the holiday.