Create unique writing spaces on the walls all around your home!

Say you've got a child who just loves to draw at home (and sometimes on the walls), or you're looking for a way to create a message writing station in your kitchen or family room. There's a solution that's pretty easy - chalkboard wall stickers. They come in many fun styles for the kids (and more modern alternatives for adults), and you can use them as you would any chalkboard. Here you'll discover five of the best chalkboard wall stickers out there that'll make rooms from your kitchen to your kid's room more playful and functional.WallCandy RoCoco Chalkboard Wall Stickers

These blackboard stickers, like all other wall decals, can be placed on nearly any type of smooth surface. And it doesn't take a professional to apply them or take them off. They are simple peel and stick, and a little heat loosens their grip. Plus, there's little chance they do any sort of damage to your current wall treatments, as they are normally made of self-adhesive vinyl that doesn't need glue-based adhesives for placement!

Check them out below. There's a great mix for both children and adults.

Wallies Peel And Stick Chalkboard Sheets (Set Of 4)

The popular staple because of their versatility!

Wallies Peel and Stick Chalkboard Sheet, Slate Gray, Set of 4
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(price as of May 16, 2016)

Sure, these may seem simple - they're just a chalkboard square. Where's the design? But that's the beauty of these Wallies chalkboard wall stickers. They are an open canvas just waiting to be filled by your family. They can be whatever it is you dream.

Have a vision of a big chalkboard wall for your children? Pick up multiple packs and build them a giant creative space. Looking for a solution to have multiple to-do or chore stations around the home? This pack of four wall decals suits very well. Want a stylized modern design on your walls? Place the four sheets at unique angles, then let your imagination flow with some chalk drawings!

Really the options are endless. Each sheet measures 9" by 12", and they are reusable which comes in really handy. You can adjust how your chalkboard stickers look in a pinch. White chalk is included with the set, by the way, so no need to pick more up right away, unless you want a fun color set for a little creative splash. 

RoomMates Mickey Mouse Chalkboard Peel & Stick Wall Decal

A big world of creativity for kids.

Roommates Rmk1506Gm Mickey Mouse Chalkboard Peel & Stick Wall Decal
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(price as of May 16, 2016)

There's no doubt that kid's love Mickey Mouse, and they'll love even more the ability to play directly with the Mickey Mouse wall stickers in their room. This sticker set comes with fourteen different pieces, the biggest being the chalkboard itself. Shaped like giant Mickey ears, you know they're going to be a lot of fun to decorate with. The other thirteen stickers are decorative, so you can create an entire Mickey Mouse scene around the main chalkboard.

This set, too, comes with its own basic chalk, and the stickers can be removed and repositioned around the home. When your child outgrows his Disney phase, you can easily remove these stickers and place them in your youngest's room or gift them to a friend with young ones. 


Wallcandy Arts Rococo Chalkboard Sticker

A little artistic flair for your wall.

The design of this decal definitely sets it apart. Nodding to the famous Rococo architectural and artistic style, this popular chalkboard wall decal definitely has a classic sense about it. It works very well in an old-world kitchen or even, due to its curves, on lightly striped living room walls. Try it, too, on stainless steel appliances, like your refrigerator, as an excellent grocery list station. It almost feels like a mirror, which can be a fun way to be creative with the chalk drawings you create for it. 

This is another wall sticker that you can reuse multiple times, as long as you treat it right. 

Dinosaurs Chalkboard Vinyl Wall Decals

A fun choice for the little boy's bedroom or playroom.

As far as popular wall stickers go, dinosaur wall stickers are up there. Kids, especially little boys, love to decorate with these historic creatures. Adding the ability to use them as a chalkboard just adds to the fun. 

The set comes with a sticker sheet of five dinosaurs, plus two pieces of white chalk, so you are ready to play the minute you receive it! And like the other stickers mentioned above, you can reposition these stickers. It's actually one of the best things about wall stickers: As the kids age, you can replace them (and recycle them to younger kids) with ease. 

Kitchen Menu Chalkboard Vinyl Wall Decal

The perfect kitchen companion.

Whether you want to use this wall decal to announce your family's dinner in a fun way or to work as a unique grocery list board, the choice is up to you. In fact, there are lots of ways you can be creative with this kitchen chalkboard. It comes with two pieces of chalk, so you are ready to go right out of the box!

It's got that diner-ish feel that feels a bit kitschy, but it definitely works in most styles of kitchen decor. Really any open wall space in your kitchen can work for this decal. It's a good choice for your dining space to act as that fun way to announce the meal menu. And like the RoCoco sticker above, it looks great on a stainless steel refrigerator door. At 22" by 22", it may not fit every style refrigerator out there, but for those that it does, it's a great effect.

Chalk Those Walls Up

You can bet these top chalkboard wall stickers will not only be a lot of fun for the kids, but very handy for the family as well. Whether its creative drawing, a to-do list, a grocery list, or something else, you've got a solution here that just plain works. They'll save you time and be a unique creative outlet for you and your family.