The price is right on these collectors watches.

If you're the adventurous sort of guy, a Casio G-Shock watch is the perfect watch for your lifestyle.  They also make great gifts for friends and family members who are sporty or always pushing their physical edge. There's lots of models out there, but many cost $150 or more! Finding  cheap G-Shock watches that are top quality is the name of the game. Here you'll discover five great ones for men - all inexpensive and well suited for the active  lifestyle. 

Casio G-Shock G100-1BV

 For many people, G-Shock watches are also collector's items, kind of like the Swatch line of watches. They've got all sorts of cache with people in rough and tumble j0bs like firemen and soldiers, and that definitely has rubbed off on the rest of the world. In fact, don't be surprised if you or your family member you are buying for comes back for more to continue the collection. It's a bit addictive!

Check out these cheap G-Shock watches. They are five of the best, all below $100. Some much below $100!

Casio Men's Classic Digital Watch DW5600E-1V

A classic G-Shock, and the price can't be beat!

Casio Men's DW5600E-1V G-Shock Classic Digital Watch
Amazon Price: $69.95 $40.89 Buy Now
(price as of Mar 6, 2013)

It may look simple, but there is nothing ever simple about a G-Shock watch. In fact its basic looks are a big favorite with collectors looking for a retro feel - and it's the perfect price point for a starter G-Shock watch.

Featuring a rectangular face and a black resin strap, there's nothing blingy about this style, but your G-Shock durability and well-known functions are all there. Including a stopwatch (with split-time functionality), a count down timer, an auto-calendar, and alarm. 

It's also water resistant to 200 meters (the standard for G-Shock watches), so for those into scuba diving (at recreational levels), this watch can work quite well! There's a lot you can do with this watch. It's a great deal all around. 

Casio G-Shock Mirror-Metallic White DW6900NB-7

A stunning white shell with contrasting watch face. Super cool.

Casio G-Shock Mirror-Metallic White Mens Digital Watch - Casio DW6900NB-7
Amazon Price: $100.00 $73.57 Buy Now
(price as of Mar 6, 2013)

Mixing white and black is a classic style, and this G-Shock does it to perfection. It's got a glossy white mirror dial, and an ultra-modern black watch face. It can dress up an outfit or still work amazingly in the field. 

As always, this G-Shock is shock and water resistant (again to 200 meters), an advanced stop watch, a countdown timer, and much more. It's multi-function alarm features "flash alert" so you definitely have a visual signal when your timer or alarm is going off. 

Of course any white band will take some care - if you're wearing this watch out in the wild, be sure to clean the band often to keep the grime to a minimum. 

Casio Classic G-Shock DW9052-1V

Another classic - with a sporty digital watch face.

Casio Men's DW9052-1V G-Shock Classic Digital Watch
Amazon Price: $69.95 $49.01 Buy Now
(price as of Mar 6, 2013)

Another classic G-Shock beauty at an amazing price! This one features a round black face with black resin watch band. It's got a sportier look than the DW5600E-1V listed above, so for the athletic type, this is an excellent first G-Shock watch and a great one to have in a collection as an everyday standard. 

It's got what you'd expect from a G-Shock watch: 200 meter water resistance, shock resistance, an advanced chronograph and alarm, and count down timer. It has separate digital windows for date and time, and a cool looking circular chronograph area in between them adding to the sporty style. 

Casio X-Large Analog-Digital White And Blue Sports Watch GA100A-7

Awesome style and a great price. Digital plus analog!

This one has got a little bit of everything in terms of style, and it works! It's both digital and analog with an extra-large watch face. The white case with white watch band is complemented very well with the blue analog watch hands. 

In terms of the digital face, there are multiple windows - one for date, another for time. And the chronograph and timers have very slick-looking analog system at the very top.

Like the others, this Casio G-Force has got the shock and 200 meter water resistance, the multi-alarm and more. But there's even more that makes this watch an amazing deal. It's got an auto LED light and a world clock so that you can see the times in up to 48 cities!

Casio G-Shock Classic Ani-Digi Watch G100-1BV

Black on black, analog and digital. Low, low price.

Casio Men's G100-1BV G-Shock Classic Ana-Digi Watch
Amazon Price: $99.00 $62.88 Buy Now
(price as of Mar 6, 2013)

This black on black style is super slick, and mix that with this watch being both analog and digital and you've got a very cool G-Shock watch. It's topped off with all of the standards (alarm, chronograph, and count down timer) along with the shock and 200 meter water resistance. 

But that's not giving it full justice. It's sporty slick, yes, but the colors make this G-Shock something you can dress up with. It can work with business casual or even with suits. It's got that kind of style, but not the price tag you'd usually see for something this cool! 

Sporty Cool Doesn't Need To Be Expensive

As you can see, there are definitely some great cheap G-Shock watches available out there. With three of these currently below $60 and the other two still below $100, you've got excellent pricing on some excellent watches. Whether you're buying one for a gift or for yourself as part of your collection, you are sure to be happy with the styles here AND the extra dollars you get to keep in your pocket! It's the best of both worlds.