Inexpensive Refurb Laptops For Sale Under 100 Dollars

The following 'guide-like' account aims to aid & provide you with specific advice for when it comes looking to buy -- not quite the ideal laptop -- but a very decent & cheap refurbished one within your budget of 100 dollars. Making the enitre process a whole lot less stresfull, by avoiding  potential pitfalls or mistakes (with untrustworthy sellers etc.) and perhaps ending up with a model (and condition of laptop) that you're ultimately not very happy with.

We will take a step by step approach in setting out to firstly find the right place to buy a cheap refurbished laptop online securely, then go on to identifying & inspecting the right type of laptop that you are after (which is in decent condition/shape etc.) and finally for that transaction to have occurred with sufficient protection of purchase (so in case you aren't happy with the reconditioned laptop -- you can simply get it back and get a refund). Note: the following range of laptops on offer, throughout the article, are all founded to be either used/refurbished laptops available for under $100.

So firstly I advise that you buy through either or Why? Well for two main reasons really -- they both draws in a large number of quality & trusted 'third party sellers' who are either companies or individuals that fix & sell 'used' laptops for a profit & you are able to gauge their seller rating (reviews on Amazon or eBay seller rating) -- note that this will mean you come across varying deals at different times.

Then, secondly they protect you with your purchase -- placing a guarantee on the money you spend, given if it isn't what you paid for (e.g. with Amazon they offer the A-to-Z guarantee of up to $2,500). The remainder of this article will be specifically referring to buying on Amazon, but much of what is stated can be easily applied to the world wide carboot sale, eBay, too.

ASUS Transformer Infinity TF700T Mobile Docking - Champagne
Amazon Price: $149.99 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 18, 2016)

Now to selecting the right laptop -- that is either used or refurbished & is available under $100 -- you can apply the following Amazon filters from the category sections: computers; laptops; refurbished; under $100. You will then not surprisingly enough, come across a range of used, older & refurbished laptops all under your $100 budget i.e a range of laptops for you to select from.

So what to consider when choosing a laptop?

Screen Size (14 to 14.9 inches), Hard Drive Memory Size (usually on the lower side), Hard Drive Speed (usually around 5400 RPM), operating system (Windows usually), processor type (Intel) and even brand to some extent etc. -- granted you are rather limited in your selection, but there is a decent enough range of laptops on offer to do some 'narrowing' down in your search. Just, obviously don't expect a laptop that offers all the bells & whistles for a price of less than one hundred dollars. So, this may take you a bit of time -- but following the brackets above -- will present you with a decent working laptop.

Apple iBook 12.1-Inch Laptop, G4 iBook 1.33GHz Processor, White
Amazon Price: $999.00 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 18, 2016)

Now, after you have chosen your laptop -- and for this example I have chose the Dell Inspiron 700m (see below), that offers Intel Pentium 1.6 Ghz, 1.25 GB Ram, 60GB Hdd, screen size of 12.1 inches, has a very good review rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars from 11 reviews (at the time of writing) etc. -- and you are happy with everything it has to offer. It is now time to choose the 'right' seller. On the overview of the model, you will see numerous options either click the link that states: 'Available from these sellers' on the right hand side of the image of the laptop or through the parts below where it offers the model 'used' & 'refurbished'.

Firstly, we want to inspect the seller information -- check that they have 'at least' a 90% plus positive rating (same goes with eBay) from over 5 or so ratings, that they have dealt in similar goods before & are doing currently (i.e this isn't their only unit they are retailing). Next to consider is the condition -- there will be an overall statement of 'accetpable', 'good', 'very good', 'like new' and 'refurbished' as well as a few details that highlight any faults (images are included on some as well). 

Dell Inspiron 700m
Amazon Price: $899.00 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 18, 2016)

If a seller looks all good and meets the criteria set out above it is now time to message them -- before you order -- this will do two things: i) you will find out more information about the laptop but ii) you will see truly what type of seller they are -- as if they respond quickly & are thorough in their answers you know they are more likely to be taking this whole order more seriously & can be trusted (more so). Ask them for images if their aren't any, does the CD drive work, what programs are installed on it, can they run through the laptop specs again (precisely), does it come with a charger, does it work, how old is it, does it come backed by a warranty, does it come in its original box? Send them more than one message if you have to.

Once all that is all done & you are happy with the responses, you are good to order. Make sure you keep a copy of all the details -- purchase order etc. and have their contact details at hand along with their refund & returns policy. Then, if you ultimately aren't happy with what you have ordered & they aren't being great with customer service, leave them a negative review & report it to Amazon.

Dell Latitude D620-1.66 Laptop Wireless Computer
Amazon Price: $399.99 $299.99 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 18, 2016)

Moreover, if you have any questions, comments, concerns or are seeking further clarification or wanting some specific advice with finding a cheap refurbished laptop under $100 or about any of the laptops featured above -- then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section that you will find just below the fold and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.