Create a stunning cherry blossom look right on your home's walls!

It's hard not to love cherry blossoms. They are stunning to look at and appreciated around the world for their colorful beauty, relaxing feel, and historic symbolism. In nature, these lovely blooms  only last a few short days, but you can capture this beauty for your home decor using a cherry blossom wall decal. You can place a blossoming tree on nearly any wall in your home, making for some very unique home decor looks!Roommates RMK1555GM Spring Blossom Peel And Stick Wall Sticker Set

Below are some of the best cherry blossom wall decals available. They all are very popular, but each approaches the branches in a slightly different manner. Some are perfectly suited for a living room, while others make for exceptional nursery wall decals for a new baby girl.  

No matter your choice, all of them follow suit with other wall decal varieties on the market: They are easy to apply and remove when the time is right. Some can even be reused if a move is in the works or you're looking to redesign your decor at some point. 

Take a look at these top five cherry blossom wall decals. One may just be perfect for a wall in your home!

Spring Blossom Peel And Stick Giant Wall Decal

A giant blossoming tree, perfect for that big open space on your wall

ROOMMATES RMK1555GM Spring Blossom Peel & Stick Giant Wall Decal
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(price as of Jul 13, 2016)

This Japanese cherry blossom sticker is quite the sight, coming in at nearly four feet wide and five feet tall. The set itself contains over one hundred individual pieces, so it may take some time to build your cherry blossom, but the end look is well worth it. 

This giant wall decal will work in both modern or traditionally designed spaces, and thrives especially on big open walls where the tree can be the focal point of your wall decor. <br />

It's reusable too. If after your first placement you want to move it to another location (or do a minor adjustment to an individual leaf) you can do it with ease.

Monkey Hanging Over Cherry Blossom Tree

Talk about super cute for the nursery room!

If there's a new baby on the way, whether your own or a friends, you definitely will want to pick up one of these popular baby nursery wall decals. It features a beautiful cherry blossom limb holding up a very cute sleeping monkey. You can easily position the limb so that it hangs right over the crib area giving your nursery space a super cute scene.

This sticker set, too, can be repositioned on a whim, so rest assured you are set to change the room over from nursery to toddler's room when the time is right. You can adapt with new sticker sets as the child ages - that's definitely a fun (and easy) way to decorate a child's space!

Perfect Sakura Blossoms

Hanging blossoms that can make a room.

These Japanese cherry blossom stickers are very popular for their draping style. They hang perfectly on a wall or any other smooth space in your home, like the branches have been growing there and draping for years. It gives the space a sense of peace and tranquility, quite lovely in design.

The sticker set does come with a silhouette bicycle sticker as well. It may seem a strange choice, but it does add a sense of place to the design - like an beautifully overgrown outdoor corner. Of course, you can skip the bicycle all together and just focus on these beautiful branches.

Cherry Blossom And Birds

A great choice for either a living room wall or a nursery.

Another lovely cherry blossom wall decal that is perfectly suited for either a living room wall or a nursery room. The silhouetted birds are a nice additional touch of nature that many people love. It adds to the outdoor feel, helping to mix the indoors and the outdoors with your style.

These branches are also great to mix with family wall quotes or any other sort of wall sayings that you desire. The way the branches hang is great for nestling quotes amid the flowers and birds.

Blossoming Flower Tree (With A Breeze)

Giant in size, with a lot of motion. A cool choice for any room.

The eye-catching thing about this wall sticker set is the motion it creates. The flowers are of course beautiful to look at, but the motion just sets it apart from many other cherry blossom wall decals out there. You can almost feel the relaxing spring breeze as it moves across the tree, bending its trunk and blowing a few wayward blossoms into the air. It's a lovely thing. 

This is another giant wall decal, again about four feet wide and six feet tall, so expect it to be a focal point on any wall you place it on. It also works quite well in most style rooms. The blowing cherry blossoms look quite beautiful hovering over a nursery crib. The tree too, because of its curve, works extremely well against a sofa or chair, sort of nestling the furniture.

Create A Picturesque Design In Your Space

However you decide to design your space, a cherry blossom wall decal can add a lot to the look. They've got a traditional beauty while still maintaining a very modern appeal, so open up your imagination to how you can use these top choices. You may be surprised at how quickly one can transform your space, turning a boring wall into a picturesque design statement!