Bowling with KidsGetting children interested in bowling is not nearly as difficult as it may sound to some parents. There are quite a few simple and fun ways to make bowling more intriguing to them. There are a few reasons that a parent may want to get their child more interested in bowling.

They could be looking for an activity that the whole family could participate in together, or they could simply want a new interest for a bored child. There are plenty of ways to teach children the fun of bowling, while the whole family has fun.

5 Ways to Get Children Excited About Bowling

1) Birthday Parties — Almost every local bowling alley hosts birthday parties. Getting more details is as simple as calling the bowling alley to check the price and availability. Throwing a bowling party is a great way to introduce a child to the sport. The enthusiasm at the lanes, in addition to the excitement of a birthday almost makes it a no brainer. Bowling parties have fun, food, and gifts, in addition to encouraging friendship and teamwork among the party-goers. Parents can even be invited and lanes reserved for adult fun as well.

2) Get Them Gear — This is another awesome way to get kids to be excited about the sport. Many of the bowling balls that are available for use at the lanes are too heavy or too big for children. By getting them a ball that they pick out themselves, a parent can ensure that the ball is the right weight and size, and also a color and design that the child can be excited about. Some bowling balls even have images of popular cartoon characters on them, such as Disney characters. Bowling shoes in custom colors and bowling t-shirts can further excite kids and serve to make a family look like the team that they really are.

3) Consider a Variation — The staff at the lanes may have some ideas to make the game more fun for the little ones. This is an awesome way to include kids and make them feel important.

4) Use Bumpers — Almost all bowling alleys have bumpers that can be used while bowling with children. Bumpers are padded and run inside the length of the gutters, preventing kids, and others for that matter, from getting “gutter ball”. Most kids are beginning bowlers and do not yet have the skills to roll the ball straight or with much strength behind it. Bumpers can prevent children from getting discouraged with bowling for these reasons.

5) Family Night — Most bowling alleys have nights where they have special prizes and games for families. Other features of these nights that will be exciting for children, providing the lanes have them, are moonlight bowling, cosmic bowling or glow-in-the-dark bowling.

Bowling is not only for adults. If parents use the right tactics, it can be fun for kids as well. This makes it an ideal family activity. You can call the local bowling alley to find out about the different programs and times they have for family bowling, as some nights are reserved strictly for league play. It is important, most of all, that parents and other adults remember to leave their competitive sides at the door when bowling with children.

In order to get them excited to bowl, parents must have fun with the children. Children learn what they see, if they see a grown up getting angry or frustrated, it is almost guaranteed that they will no longer want to bowl. A parent’s excitement is contagious to a child. This is the single most important thing to remember while using these methods to get children excited to bowl.