Christmas Presents To Make

With Christmas just around the corner it is time to decide what types of gifts you want to give people in your life.  While store bought gifts are always nice there are some great Christmas presents to make yourself that would be an even better gift for someone you care about.  Homemade gifts are a very nice touch because you have put some thought, time, and effort into your gift giving.

People will appreciate a homemade gift much more than something you buy from the store because it reflects on our past when gift giving were something a little more special than it is today.  We tend to get carried away with our gift giving in today's hectic world.

 If you're looking for some Christmas presents to make this article will give you some nice ideas you can give those people in your life that you care about. Your thought and effort is going to be appreciated by those around you when you surprise them with something special this season.

Gifts from the Kitchen

One of the traditional Christmas presents to make something made with care from your kitchen.  Some ideas can include homemade jam, jellies, pickles, special herb oils, and baked goodies such as pies or traditional Christmas treats.  You can do these gifts up in a special gift basket and use fancy colored Christmas style ribbons around each gift or you can just wrap each gift inside the basket that you are giving to your loved ones.  They would appreciate this type of homemade gift because you have taken the time to make something special for them.

Craft Style Gifts

 There are other Christmas presents to make that would be appropriate for your loved ones.  For example, my mom used to make special homemade Christmas ornaments out of things such as walnut shells, steel pull tabs, Styrofoam balls, and other small items.  She would spend many weeks creating these items and making some of them for gifts while selling others at local church Christmas bazaars.  Making these types of homemade ornaments and other Christmas decorations would make a nice touch during the holidays.  If you're handy with wood you could make some homemade wooden gifts such as a small table, spice rack, bowl, or a wooden toy such as the train for a small child.  At a local craft fair I recently went to their was someone who had quite a few nice wooden toys.  These are a lot nicer than the cheap plastic junk toys that you currently find in the shopping malls today.


Other types of Christmas presents to make can include homemade clothing such as a sweater, socks, or small baby clothes.  I can remember getting homemade clothing from my grandmother when I was a small boy.  Some other examples could include a blanket, shawl,  or other warm items for your home during the cold winter months.  While knitting and the making of clothing takes skill it would make a fantastic gift for someone you care about.

A Unique Christmas Experience

Christmas Ornaments(72243)Credit: Photobucket by crazyaboutquilting

This holiday season think about Christmas presents to make that people in your life would love to  receive. During this economic hardship we need to go back to our roots and think about what is truly important in our lives.  Friends and family are what is important at Christmas time.  Homemade gifts show your appreciation for those you care about.  Give someone a special gift this year which will be something they will remember for years to come.