A deterrence of dog ownership is not wanting to clean up the fur that dogs shed. Another deterrence is being allergic to the dander in their fur or the saliva in their mouth. Both of these deterrents can be solved at the same time.

There are several breeds of dogs that do not drool often, nor do they shed. These dogs were usually bred to be hypoallergenic for people who were allergic to dogs, however, these dogs are also very clean dogs.

If you are looking for a nice clean dog that you do not have to clean up after, try these breeds.

Be aware that all puppies will pee and poop in your house until properly house broken. If you do not want the chore of house breaking a puppy, buy and already house broken dog.



The dachshund, or as it is called "the wiener" dog is a great dog for people who want to keep a clean house. The dachshund has a very short, smooth coat making them shed no more than a human does on a daily basis. They also have relatively little dander, however are not all together a perfect hypoallergenic breed.

The dachshund is a very bright and playful dog, but because of their spine, they are greatly prone to back problems. Things like jumping up on the couch can cause them to slip a disk. A dachshunds' food intake also has to be monitored closely, as they gain weight quickly and this can worsen back problems.

The dachshund come from 17th century Germany where they were bred for hunting foxes and boar. Their low frame allowed them to move through the bushes easier than other dogs. The word 'dach' is german for badger and 'hund' is german for dog. So thus the badger dog was born.

While their long frame may make them look lazy, but they are far from it. They love to run around outside, so if you live in the city, you may have to walk them often.

boston terrier(122044)

Boston Terrier

The boston terrier is a sweet and loving breed that is a great household pet. The boston terrier has a short coat and will hardly ever shed. This makes them a great dog if you do not want to clean up pet hair or are allergic to dander.

However, on hotter days or after an intense play session, the boston terrier can drool and snort from their compact face like the bulldog that they were bred from. This is bad news if you are allergic to dog slobber. If you are, this may not be the dog for you.

the boston terrier was bred between a terrier and a bulldog, thus the loveable bulldog face and the slim terrier size. They were originally bred to be fighting dogs, however over the years they have became surprisingly gentle.

Unlike other terriers, the boston terrier is not a little ball of bursting energy. It seems the mellow bulldog genes were dominant in the boston terrier because they do not have excessive amounts of energy.

If you want a dog that is playful, but not constantly begging to play, this is a great dog.

minature schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzers are great dogs. They have been bred to be hypoallergenic dogs these days so if you have allergies you will not have to worry. They may look like something that is prone to shedding, but not so much. If you neglect too grow them, they will shed a bit more than the other dogs on this list, but if you do groom them they will hardly ever shed. Miniature schnauzers can be shaven and after you do so, they will hardly ever shed again and the hair will stay nice, short, and smooth for awhile.

The miniature schnauzer was bred for no particular reason. They did not turn up until the 19th century. Regular schnauzers and miniature pinschers were bred together in 19th century Germany, mostly just to make a smaller schnauzer like dog.

Miniature schnauzers are massive balls of energy. They love to play, so if you want a dog that you can play with lots, these are a good option. They are so full of energy, however; that they can go a bit stir crazy if you do not play with them.

They are very big attention seekers.

scottish terrier

Scottish Terrier

Scottish terriers are sweet little dogs. They may not look like it but they are quite scrappy as well, they make a loyal, but slightly ineffective watch dog. The Scottish terrier will shed more than any other dog on this list, but it is by far not the worse shedding dog. they do however, have very little dander. If you do not mind sweeping up a little hair now and then, these dogs make great little companions.

The scottish terrier was bred long and low to be able to follow foxes and badgers back into their dens, they originally turned up in 1800's in, you guessed it, Scotland.

Scottish, like most terriers, have a lot of energy. Since they were bred to chase foxes all the way to their holes, they love to dig. A terrier should be walked regularly and your yard, if you have one, should have a very secure fence. The fence should have wire or cement on the ground around it or your terrier might just dig its way out.

airedale terrier

Airedale Terrier

The airedale terrier may look to have a long coat, but it is extremely wiry. Wiry hair, unlike softer dog hairs does not shed much if at all. They make a perfect hypoallergenic dog and a great clean dog.

The airdale terrier is not a great terrier, they are quite independent dogs. They also love to run around, so if you are an avid hiker or jogger, this is a great dog for you. However, they are particularly curious so always keep them on a leash. They are intelligent does, but easily distracted by things like squirrels.

The airedale terrier was developed from other hunting terriers to be a better hunting terrier. It's wiry coat protected it from water and painful underbrush. However, in the 19th century, they were mostly used as police dogs.

Because of their unique look, they have made popular show dogs.