When I was 18 years old, I had obtained my diploma, and I was going to college. I was living in the college dorms.  I was thinking of a way to make quick money, because working was not an option at the time and I had a low-budget and everyone knows in the 21st century, girls only want you when you have a car. I was a non-smoker then, because I finally decided to stop smoking marijuana, but I was young and stupid. I decided to make a grow room and start growing marijuana in my room. I was no longer smoking and thought it was a good idea to make money. I planted 15 seeds in 15 different little containers. I had 3 lights on them and I was sure it was going to grow. I waited for two weeks and nothing had sprouted, so after 3 weeks I decided to stop growing. It was a complete failure, but who cares it is illegal anyway.

A few weeks had pass and me and my friends were all drinking beer on a Saturday night. It was late in the night and I was hungry so I decided to make some popcorn. They were no name popcorn seeds that you pop by cooking them with butter on the stove. When my friend saw what I was doing he took the bag of popcorn seeds and he did not want to give it back. Then he asks me if I still had all my dirt from when I was growing, I said I still had it. Then he said that if I wanted the bag that I needed to plant a popcorn seed and it would grow. I did not believe him, but he said that his mother always does it, so I planted a seed with the point up in 1 inch of dirt and gave it water. After two weeks I had completely forgotten about planting that seed but when I went close to the window I saw something was growing in the bucket. I open the curtains   and saw that a 6 inch plant was growing. Unbelievable, it was a corn plant! The marijuana would not grow, but the popcorn grew.

The reason I wrote this article is because a few weeks later I got caught by surprise. I had my room check, they looked everywhere, and I had to explain to the men that it was a corn that was growing. Can you believe it, if I was growing marijuana he would have founded it all but no, he founded a corn. I have to say, lesson learned! J

popcorn seed after 2 weeks