Here Are the Top College Graduation Gift Ideas for 2016 Graduates

It's that time of year when colleges across the nation will be having their commencement ceremonies and families and friends of the graduates need to purchase a college graduation gift for them.

What are some useful college graduation gifts?

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Now this may seem like an unorthodox gift, but many young adults lack a professional wardrobe after spending four years on campus in jeans and tee shirts as their everyday attire. Give a gift card to a department store that carries the kind of business wear the young man and woman needs for his or her job. This money is especially helpful to those who need a few suits to get started on the job.


A leather briefcase makes a great present because many of the young men and women will be heading out of the classroom and into the office. This is a useful item that will be used for years to come. You can ask in advance what color they prefer and if they want a hard case of a soft case.


No matter what profession you are in, a well made watch is a must-have accessory. This makes the perfect present when you have it engraved for the occasion. It will always be cherished. Depending on your budget, you may want to chip in with other friends or family members and purchase a more expensive brand that will look even more professional. This is one item that does get noticed in the working world.




A luxury present that will be appreciated is a beautiful piece of jewelry. Earrings, bracelets, and necklaces that are items the college graduate will wear frequently if a business style is chosen. The price point for this gift can be anything...go small and classic or go big and ask a few others to join in on the present.


This set of sterling silver diamond hoops is under fifty dollars and has diamonds in a channel setting.

Business Gifts for the Graduate

Business Card Case

A great college graduation gift is a business card case. Many professionals have business cards to pass out to clients and while networking at various corporate functions. This item is both functional and useful.  Have it engraved with the graduates initials for a more personal touch.

Desk Nameplate 

If the college graduate has a job with a desk, a desk nameplate is a unique and one-of-a-kind gift.

Leather Portfolio 

To add to the college graduates professional look at meetings, have hi. These can be personalized for a more distinct gift.


Luggage makes a great graduation gift, as most college students probably use duffle bags, their parents' luggage or cheap bags to cart their clothes around going back and forth from university to home. If a new job involves travel, a classic piece of luggage is a necessity. Ask a few other family members to go in on the gift and you can have give the graduate a matched set.

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You can never go wrong with giving cash as a college graduation gift. Most graduates can probably use some extra, especially now that it is time to pay those loans back. Even if they are moving back home to live with Mom and Dad, they will still have expenses of their own.  cash will help them and permit him or her to buy exactly what is needed.

Whatever you choose, make sure the college graduation gift fits the needs of the graduate.

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