There are millions of people who want to have a great body. So begins their journey, buy doing research on web, reading fitness magzines & asking freinds.The first thing they discover is supplements.Now the list of supplement is endless and people think they are some kind of magic by which they will achieve their dream body within days.What make these supplements even more attractive is the way they are marketed and advertised everywhere promising the newcomer unrealistic musle gains to unbelievable fat loss .The point is people who are new and unexperienced fall for these fake and quick result fantasies painted by companies and end up loosing precious hard earned money with 0 results.So whats the bottom line should you buy these supplements or just stay away from them? The answer to this question depends upon first understanding and studying the supplements,the promise its making,what you think will the supplement deliver and lastly will the supplement help you achieve your goal.Only by answering these questions will you be able to make the decision whether to buy or not.Let begin by first understanding the types of supplements available today and what they deliver.


1)WHEY PROTEIN-Whey protein is the most commonly used supplement available in the market its is safe to use and really helps build muscles.It is strongly recommended for people who workout with heavy weights and weight train 3 to 5 days a week.It is a complete vegeterian dietry supplement.

DOSAGE-It depends upon person body weight. EXAMPLE-A 200 pound body builder requires 1 gm protein minimum per pound body weight so he requires- 200×1=200gms protein/day .This can be divided into t 100gms from whey protein & 100gms from food.

Timing- The best time to take whey protein is 1scoop preworkout 45 minutes before workout & immediately post workout 1-1/2 scoops.

Side effect-For people who are not lactose tolerant the supplement may cause bloating and stomach upsets.

2)Creatine-It is actually a debated supplement whose results are still under confusion.The creatine supplement causes the muscles to retain water and there by helps muscles to perform better during workouts.It also expands the size of muscles.It is made from chemicals which are identical to creatine found in animals

Dosage -Creatine is taken post workout with some fruit juice or with glucose it has to be loaded in the body in cycle.The dosage is diffrent for diffrent types of creatine so please check your supplemnt for details.

Side effect-Medically excessive creatine is a sign of kidney failure but it is still not confirmed that creatine may cause kidney damage.Other side effect include bloating and excessive water retention

3)Fat burners-These are thought to be some magic pills which causes you to burn fat. Made from stimulants like caffeine,ephedra,ginkobaloba,green tea,hoodia & l-carnitine.The power and ingridents of fat burner vary from product to product.

Dosage-As per written by companyon the supplement

Side effeect-It is highly not recommended to people with blood pressure and heart as it can cause strokes or heart attack tdue to stimulants.The other side effect are loss of sleep and jitter feeling.


4)NITRIC OXIDE-It is supposedly used to enhance gym performance buy increasing nitric acid in body and making the mind alert.

Dosage-Preworkout should be taken with juice or protein.

Side effect-May cause blood pressure to increse.

STEROIDS-Are the most controversial supplement and require their own article because its dosage timing and side effect are far to complex to be included it this article


The basic and most important supplement is Whey protein it should be a part of every bodybuilders diet and also should be taken by people who intend to lose weight/ gain weight .The intake of other supplements would depend upon your goals,your financial status and you needs.You now have the basic knowledge of supplements, so please choose wisely the best supplement that suits you and don't fall for marketing gimmicks,do your research and then buy your supplement.