Turn nature's beauty into a whimsical style in your home.

A dandelion wall sticker turns one of nature's most simple and beautiful moments into a whimsical piece of wall art. These are vinyl decals of giant flowering dandelions that are seemingly letting loose their seeds via a gentle breeze in your home. It's a touching and playful wall sticker, one that crosses all age boundaries in terms of design. These wall stickers look as good in living rooms and kitchens as they do nurseries and children's rooms. And here you'll see five of the best selections available - all beautiful and budget friendly.Black Dandelion Flower Plant Tree Large Removable Wall Decor Decal Sticker

In terms of set up, the dandelion wall stickers below are similar to any other wall decal. They are peel and stick, easy as that. And when properly removed (again easy), they leave no marks that they were ever there. Many can even be reused, making this wall decor perfect for the decorator that likes to mix up styles often.

Any one of these top dandelion wall stickers can work in your home and they make great gifts too! Take a look below and see for yourself.

Black Dandelion Flower

A giant wall dandelion set, perfect for white walls.

One of the most popular dandelion wall stickers out there, this set is the go-to for any white wall. The black just pops against it. The sticker itself features two giant dandelions: the entire piece measuring in at nearly five feet tall by almost two and a half feet wide! Have a decent amount of wall space ready to pull off this dandelion decal. 

The dandelion seeds are perfect for curving around furniture to accent the pieces in a living room or nursery. It also makes a great stairwell wall sticker as you can position the seeds floating gently around a corner or trailing up a wall along with the stairs. It's a unique touch!

Note that the stickers in this set all have a small white edge around them. This trim is all but invisible on a white wall, but it will be visible on darker walls. For white walls this is a non-issue obviously, but if you're thinking about using this with a colored wall, keep this in mind. 


White Dandelion Wall Sticker

The popular go-to for darker walls.

Reusable Easy Wall Applique Stickers - Dandelion Seed Stem
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(price as of Apr 11, 2013)

When you're thinking about how to have fun stylistically with a dark-colored wall, white wall decals are a great choice, and these white dandelion decals are perfect. 

Like its darker cousin above, you can have a lot of fun with the dandelion seed placement to give a sense of flowing air in your home. These, too, work in any room, but they also look great on stainless steel and even windows! The white gives a little more opportunity to use this set as an accent piece all around. 

These dandelions can be reused, so you can adjust your look on the fly or even move the entire set into a different location. 

Colorful Dandelion Flowering Tree Stickers

A smart choice for kid's rooms or as a nursery wall decal!

You've got the white and the black so far, now see one of the top choices for playful color! This dandelion decal set is just built to live in a child's room or nursery. Covered with purple and pink dandelion seeds, it's a stand out from the crowd. 

It's got more dandelion stems than the normal set, so think about the width in your space that you can give to this wall decor. The size is going to make it more than a simple accent piece, making it great as a temporary nursery room decoration for the family that is repurposing another space. It helps fill up a wall in a colorful way without messy paints and days of work. 

Extra Large Dandelion Decals

An excellent choice to totally decorate a wall!

Dandelions - X-Large Wall Decals Stickers Appliques Home Decor
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There's a flowing nature to this sticker set, making it pretty unique among other choices. In fact it can be used vertically or horizontally and work either way. At about three feet tall, this dandelion set, especially when turned on its side, can be the main focus of your wall space in terms of decor. 

It's also a naturally colorful set, featuring tones of green and orange. It's even got some butterflies mixed in to add to the outdoorsy feel of this wall sticker. And to add to it all, the flower buds are all shaped as little hearts, adding a nice subtle family-friendly touch.

Do know that the stickers in this set all have white edges, like the black dandelion above. Because of this, a white wall (or a very light-colored wall)  is your best choice for placement. 

RoomMates Graphic Dandelion Peel And Stick

Looking for something a little more artsy?

With the black and white tones and the strong lines, these dandelions are a more modern and artistic choice for your walls. In a way it meshes the natural feel of dandelions with a hint of beautiful fire works. It's an interesting touch, making for a very interesting wall decor choice. 

They are tall (over three and a half feet), so they can nestle very well on the wall to the side of a piece of contemporary furniture. And they are reusable, so you can adjust your style as you needed.

Let Your Wall Design Grow

A dandelion wall sticker can really add a unique look to your space. No matter if it's for a living room or your new baby's nursery, these stickers just plain work. And they make for excellent gifts too! Especially as a housewarming or Christmas gift, these wall stickers are an excellent (and inexpensive) choice. They've got a playful sense that everybody can enjoy!