Writing for Infobarrel Takes a Backward Step

I took the inspiration of writing about my monthly updates from other writers right here on Infobarrel. From reading the inspirational post of some of the earners, I thought it was time to document my own earnings, right from the beginning of being a writer on the site.

This month has been really quiet in terms of writing. I was lucky enough to to lose all of my internet access for the weekend I was least busy and that did not help researching,add to that recovering from a weekend conference for the Hospital Broadcasting Association and my bubah; and I managed to miss my 6 article monthly target.

I managed a less than respectful 3 articles which were on secure home networks, iPads and UK Rail Travel but the core viewing figures are:

295 Page Visits from 213 unique visitors - Down 30% Visits & 28% Visitors
Most popular page: My March Infobarrel Update 

There does seem to be some discrepency for the figures though as according to Analytics my iPad article was only viewed 61 times, whereas according to Infobarrel it was 81. I mention the iPad article as the vast majority of those occured in the first 12 hours of the article and I hoped that when I jumped out of bed the next morning there was a chance it had done well. This was not the case though and views have been negligable since then.


My earnings have plummeted this month, probably because I have not written as much as I usually do. AdSense earnings depend on who you talk too; Analytics show this as $0.01 whereas my AdSense plugin for Chrome says £0.13. This is from two minor hits on Infobarrel articles over the month. This does not even warrant a percentage to show how bad it has been.

Things at Chitika  are just as bad; from a total of 807 impressions I managed a big fat ZERO.

Things at Amazon have never got off of the zero mark. My UK affiliates account managed 5 clicks but no sales and in the US 2 clicks and no sales.


Various home issues have meant that I have had to drop my local niche blog, which had never earned me a penny despite 1000 views a month (mostly from spammers though judging from the comments I had to moderate) and Squidoo and TopicSpotter only managed a few log ins and no edits.


Discouraged? Not really. I just need to go and have a good head vs wall session and see what happens this month.