It's Not a Blog; It's a Lifestyle

As a relatively new and "in-between lifestyle choices" article writer, I enjoy the contributions that are made by many of the authors right here on Infobarrel. That is why I chose to make it an article writing home and try to improve what I produce, but generally fall behind with what I intend to put forth in the world wide wonderance.

The inspiration for starting to do these is from ZiggyD's thread in the Infobarrel Forum and also previously from the rather excellent (you can see the head growing about now) jcmayer777 but enough of the flattery and onto business.

Where I Write

The problem I have had is my dedication to providing substantial backlinking. I generally provide links from a more localised blog that I write and it does get reasonable hits of 200 a week or so. Considering the blog was more of an experiment on a subject I did not think would get any interest, it has actually had substantial re-writes since I realised people were reading it.

On the article side though, I write here at Infobarrel and then try to find the time to write associated articles at Squidoo - just a single article on Portsmouth there at the moment; and Xomba - where I have a handful of very short back-link aimed notes. I think the long term strategy at the moment is to get the articles onto Infobarrel and then back link them when I get the time.

My income for February

When I consider my Adsense income for the month it was quite reasonable. I only had 4 new articles, but there were two featured articles to boot. I have not been tracing my income based on individual URL's, but I know that from 5 clicks I amassed a grand total of £2.30. The majority of the clicks and views have come from the UK, which is good as I am aiming at my target country, but I also got a click from El Salvador with 1 click from the only page view!

Amazon has been a non-starter so far. I had hoped that with selective targeting in my computer building articles I would pick up some trade; linking through to motherboard and CPU bundles. So far though managed only two click-throughs and no conversion.

Chitika is a.... small profit so far. A total of nearly 2500 impressions in a month managed a small but significant $0.19

Squidoo.... Nothing so far, but I still only have 1 lens published.

For March

Apart from trying to get articles together for the features I must try to ensure that I get half a dozen 1000+ word articles in place. I have found that some of my articles are really so long that I could split them into multiple pieces; so that is something I should be working towards.

Outside of IB

Things are busy outside of IB; as a signalman for Network Rail, I have recently been promoted and am now training to manage an old-school manual signal box. So I am finally learning to pull levers that have over a mile of cable attached to them. Imagine doing that 4 times an hour for an 8 hour shift!

My little 14 week old is still not a well bunny. We are currently on the fourth different milk formula to try and get one that agrees with her. I suspect that she is lactose intolerant but none of th medical staff agree with me.

I have a Trustee Board meeting for my work with the Hospital Broadcasting Association later this month. This is something that I have a great passion for and even includes the Annual Conference and Awards at the end of March. Cue a drunken article on the last weekend of the month when I have to take a break from the "festivities".


That's pretty much it for this month. Hopefully I will be able to develop and offer something more constructive in 5 weeks.