As a "starting to seem like part of the furniture" article writer, I enjoy the contributions that are made by many of the authors right here on Infobarrel. That is why I chose to make it an article writing home and try to improve what I produce, but generally fall behind with what I intend to put forth in the world wide wonderance.

Starting from nothing; being an Infobarrel contributor for profit is a long haul. Any newbies reading this should remember that. If you write a monthly update on your work then you will probably find it among your top 3 for the number of views; at least until you get your feet under the computer desk.

This is my Monthly Update for June 2012.

Where I Write

I continue to have a lack of dedication to providing real backlinking. Time is a premium for me and between here, the baby (update on her later) and work, getting the articles out there is not always easy.

On the article side though, I managed just 5 articles on Infobarrel ranging from a preview of the WWE Pay-Per-View No Way Out to a review on an excellent budget baby stroller from Tippitoes  and a few of those were backlinked on StumbleUpon and Xomba, as well as on some new articles I have uploaded on Squidoo.

I have actually taken the time to get a few lenses uploaded to Squidoo this month as well as maintain my regular ones on Portsmouth and Computer Building. My most popular one of this month though is a lens on computer applications to manage your social media profiles and an equivalent for BlackBerry devices.

I have also got a new one underway about reusing your redundant computers; talking about repurposing your old computer into a back-up server or home media unit. I specifically make note of this because the articles that will link to it will be on Infobarrel to back-link across both of my profiles. I have actually repurposed an old computer (one that I stripped to write an article on building your first desktop computer) to become a Network Attached Storage server specifically to write from experience on the subject.

So, the all important viewing figures which this month are fully from Google Analytics:

Page views 1892 - Down 37%
Visits: 1511 - Down 40%
Unique Visitors: 1260 

Figures as at 23:00 30 June (GMT)

Top Articles

A Tablet Review

The figures are now slowing down for an article about the A1CS FUSION5 Tablet PC that the wife bought last month. The article has now reached over 1800 views, but at the same time it is not translating to the sales beyond the three that we had at the very beginning. Maybe there will be no more.

A Beginners Guide to a Secure Home Computer Network

Since featuring on the Infobarrel homepage a guide to home computer networking has gained about 4% of the total views.

My income for June

My AdSense for the month has been the best single month since I set up AdSense. I have only received 11 clicks across the month. £4.79 but I have also had a few clicks from Xomba (of all places) and one of my old redundent homepages to bring that up to £6.06.

Amazon has been slower. I had my first sales through Amazon last month with a tablet review prompting orders, no further tablet orders occurred this month though. I have strangely had an order for two pairs of boots which have been dispatched and some boot cream which has been "ordered but not dispatched" for nearly 3 weeks. Reviews on baby products have not been as successful though and have had clicks, but not sales. £6.03

Chitika is a.... small profit so far. I managed a few clicks but revenue was down to a measly $0.08.

Squidoo.... Nothing so far.

For July

I am back to my starter for 10 of my 6 article target. I want to equal or better my record 11 articles next month, but that is unlikely. 

Outside of IB

Things are busy outside of IB; as a signalman for Network Rail, I continue to keep busy keeping the world afloat among staff shortages and waiting for trainees to finish their Signalling School education; a light is at the end of the tunnel though and normal service should resume soon!

My little girl is up and down as usual. She weighed in at 7 months with 9lb 9oz which is only a months weight gain of 7oz! She had an MRI brain scan this week, but it had to be done under general anesthetic; amazingly she came around from it before they were ready to discharge her from the recovery unit to the day ward.... thankfully she was only being scanned and not operated on this time!

My work with the Hospital Broadcasting Association is ongoing but I am starting to become somewhat underwhelmed with it all and my skills as a secretary are certainly short of what i thought they were!

That's pretty much it for this month. Hopefully I will be able to develop and offer something more constructive in 31 days.