As a relatively new and "in-between lifestyle choices" article writer, I enjoy the contributions that are made by many of the authors right here on Infobarrel. That is why I chose to make it an article writing home and try to improve what I produce, but generally fall behind with what I intend to put forth in the world wide wonderance.

The inspiration for starting to do these is from ZiggyD's thread in the Infobarrel Forum and also previously from the rather excellent (you can see the head growing about now) jcmayer777 but enough of the flattery and onto business.

Where I Write

The problem I have had is my dedication to providing substantial backlinking. I have had to stop writing a blog dedicated to public transport in my area; time is certainly a premium and a niche blog that isn't likely to get any clicks is surely the first to lose its spot.

On the article side though, I managed 6 articles on Infobarrel ranging from Google Analytics to Pregnancy and a few of those were backlinked on StumbleUpon and Xomba. I also still have a single article on Squidoo which gets a few viewings here and there.

I actually thought that my article (or rather just answering a forum question) about linking Adsense and Analytics was going to take off as I had over 200 viewings in less than 48 hours. Alas though that is pretty much where it stopped and in the 3 weeks since it slowed right down and still only just touching 250.

My income for March

When I consider my Adsense income for the month it was down on last month. . I have not been tracing my income based on individual URL's, but I know that from clicks I amassed a grand total of £1.16. The majority of the clicks and views have come from the UK, which is good as I am aiming at my target country,but viewings have come from all corners of the world.

Amazon is still a non-starter so far. Selective targeting and even linking images to Amazon products brought clicks, but not purchases - saying that I would not have bout the new iPad either, something that I will have to review what I actually do with these.

Chitika is a.... small profit so far. I managed a few clicks and $0.36.

Squidoo.... Nothing so far, but I still only have 1 lens published.

For April

For March I said I wanted to get 6 articles with 1000 words. I fell short as my 1st article fell just short of the word count, so this month I intent to aim for this again.

Outside of IB

Things are busy outside of IB; as a signalman for Network Rail, I am now competent as a signaller for a new signalbox. It's an old school manual lever location, so lots of enegetic pulling of levers and not putting ones back out is the key here.

My little 18 week old is improving. She is still about half of the weight of a normal baby at this age, but we are resigned to the fact that this is because she is going to be smaller than a normal height person.

I have just come back from our annual conference with the Hospital Broadcasting Association where much fun and merryment was had by all; many great talants out there representing hospital radio stations around the UK. 

That's pretty much it for this month. Hopefully I will be able to develop and offer something more constructive in 5 weeks.