Shockingly Good Month

Record Profits

As a relatively new and "in-between lifestyle choices" article writer, I enjoy the contributions that are made by many of the authors right here on Infobarrel. That is why I chose to make it an article writing home and try to improve what I produce, but generally fall behind with what I intend to put forth in the world wide wonderance.

Starting from nothing; being an Infobarrel contributor for profit is a long haul. Any newbies reading this should remember that. You will (probably) not make £1000 in your first month on IB, you will (probably) not make £100 in your first month..... I made £0. Things are on the up for me though now that I have started writing more prominently and more focused.

This is my Monthly Update for May 2012.

Where I Write

The problem I have had is my dedication to providing real backlinking. Time is a premium for me and between here, the baby (update on her later) and work, getting the articles out there is not always easy.

On the article side though, I managed 11 articles on Infobarrel ranging from a Beginners Guide to Google Advertiser Toolbar for Chrome to a review on an excellent Baby Monitor from Angelcare and a few of those were backlinked on StumbleUpon and Xomba, as well as on some new articles I have uploaded on Squidoo.

Yes! I have finally taken the plunge to create more than a (relatively niche) article about tourism in my home city. I would appreciate a few views and comments if you have the time, where you can find all my Squidoo articles on my Squid-Profile; the articles are still very much infancy and follow on from my computer building articles on here on IB, an article on third-applications for your Twitter and Facebook accounts and a lens on more efficient home-based business working.

So, the all important viewing figures which this month are fully from Google Analytics:

Page views 3005 - Up 851%
Visits: 2532 - Up 858%
Unique Visitors: 2270 

Figures as at 08:00 31 May

Top Articles


I have either been really lucky, or really devious with my top articles this month. Last Tuesday was the Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Final #1; I watched the whole lot which finished at 22:00 realised I had to be up for work in 6 hours and then realised it would make a good article to review the finalists. It has made 64 views in about 10 days.

I could have given up, but I persevered and wrote and article on the "automatic finalists" who do not have to fight for a final spot and have got 252 views.

I wrote a quick rundown of the final results, complete with a video of each of the top 5...... despite publishing it late (12 hours after the final finished) I have amassed 1163 views in 4 days. It is a shame that I know they will drop off because the event is annual; I will be ready next year!

A Tablet Review

I was genuinely shocked when I published an article about the A1CS FUSION5 Tablet PC that the wife bought this month. It is a great "Eastern Asia mass-build" tablet, but I was surprised how popular the article would be. I have managed 927 page views in 13 days and that is still a constant trickle every hour or so. Searching in Google I have learnt I am already being backlinked independently as well as touting it on HotDeals UK, Barlrol and various forums. 

My top 3 articles published this month accounted for 77% of the page views.

My income for May

My AdSense for the month has been the best single month since I set up AdSense. I have only received 7 clicks across the month, spread across 2 articles (3 each for the Eurovision Final and the Tablet Review) and the final one for one of the Tablet Reviews media pages. $4.93 / £3.14

Amazon has been great. I have had my first sales through Amazon all as a result of the tablet review and I am shocked that I have had activity so quickly. I have had two tablets dispatched as well as an accessory for them for a total dispatch of £14.66 and this morning when I got home from work there is another table on order which adds another £7 onto the amount. I have done a second review for an excellent Baby Monitor that we use here at home, but there have only been two viewings (one of those was my wife to inspect my authoring skills) so that has not translated yet.

Chitika is a.... small profit so far. I managed a few clicks but revenue was down to a measly $0.09.

Squidoo.... Nothing so far.

For June

I must shake my own hand because I smashed my 6 article target. I want to equal or better my 11 articles next month. I already have a few ideas in the pipeline including my first attempt at a pre-designed multiple page article which is a bit niche but might work.

I also have (if you read the forum often) another idea for a regular article stream, once a month. I already have 5 or 6 articles already thought up then, lets see if they work in 30 days time!

Outside of IB

Things are busy outside of IB; as a signalman for Network Rail, I am busy keeping the world afloat among staff shortages and waiting for trainees to finish their Signalling School education.

My little girl is up and down as usual. She weighed in at 6 months with 9lb 2oz. This is worrying to us but the health visitor said that she was a good weight in proportion to her size; the problem is at the moment though that following a successful insertion of a Ventriculoperitoneal shunt back in February (medical explanation) it is now apparently working too well so she has been treated for hydrocephalus and developed microcephaly as a result. Apparently they have another plan though.

My work with the Hospital Broadcasting Association is ongoing and I might be expanding my role to include more authoring for the membership magazine and developments on the news side of their website.... I don't have a day to myself anymore, which is good!

That's pretty much it for this month. Hopefully I will be able to develop and offer something more constructive in 5 weeks.