How to deal with your wife/girlfriend when she is pregnant


This is always a toughy to answer, because no girls are alike.  One could be very easy going through pregnancy, while another could be the she devil from deeper down than Hell.


Yes she is going through a lot of changes both physically and emotionally, but one thing does not need to change – YOU.


Hopefully you are both well suited to one another, and the pregnancy was a well planned, well thought out loving affair, so she will be looking at the one thing in her life that does remain constant, and means that she can look to you for support and anchoring.


I have found it best to keep upbeat, and try not to steal her thunder at all.  I remember one time, my wife woke up with a raging headache due to the pregnancy, and I woke up with one from a cold.  She started to complain about how bad hers was, and I happened to mention that I knew how she felt, because I had one too…  Needless to say, this story is still being brought up at every opportunity, and is recited all the time.  Not a good thing at all!


You do need to tell her that everything will be alright, and it is just a passing phase – most importantly- YES, she still looks beautiful, even more so now.  And no, she does not look fat, you like her rounded bump as it suits her, and makes her look pregnant not fat.


Any alluding to her looking even a little fat is a sure way to lead to a broken nose


Remember that this is the most important thing she can do in her entire life, and you must be supportive when she needs it.  If she has had a bad day, you need not become all wimpy and have to do everything for her, but making her a cup of tea is not passed the realms of impossibility for you to do- and she will appreciate it.  At the same time, make her do some things as well.  She will feel much better on a bad day for doing something worthwhile- after all pregnancy is not a disability!  Just make sure that you use your common sense when to push and when not to (think when you have man flu….)


Hope fully this will give you some good starters on how to cope with you wife/girlfriend, and with any luck you will both come out the other side with a lovely bouncing baby, and also with all your extremeties still in tact!