Delonghi oil filled radiator heaters are perfect for any small to medium sized room, e.g. bedroom, living room, study and so on. Their electric powered oil-filled radiator heaters provide fast and flexible heating for an entire room. Some of their models are also equipped with safety features that make them safe to use in the bathroom.

De Longhi are one of the main producers of oil filled radiators and are perfect for keeping warm during winter months. If used as the only heat source for a room then they are best used for small to medium sized rooms up to about 12 square meters. If you would rather not pay for central heating bills to heat your whole house, a DeLonghi oil filled radiator heater may be perfect for your requirements.

They use something called a GFI plug which apparently makes their radiators safe for use in the bathroom. This is great as it means we can take the chill edge off the cold bathroom air early in the morning or last thing at night.

De Longhi are an Italian company but their oil filled radiator heaters are sold worldwide. The way their portable radiators are crafted provides for great heat distribution and long life. A further safety feature is their wide feet which help prevent the unit from falling over. There are different power settings which provide flexibility for our personal heating needs as well as different room sizes.

Their models including the Delonghi TRD0715T have a range of heat settings which can be used depending on how quickly or what heat is desired. There is also an adjustable thermostat which allows the user to set the desired temperature and also offers the environmentally conscious a useful feature.

delonghi oil filled radiator

Delonghi oil-filled radiators are designed to maximize radiant heat flow while at the same time keeping the surface temperature low as a safety feature. Using oil filled radiators can be a perfect companion to central heating as it means we can lower the overall house temperature and concentrate heat where we need it. Their heaters are perfect for any room and provide fast and flexible heating for the whole room. They often have a 24 hour programmable timer which allows users to heat rooms for whatever desired time period they want as well as lets them select various time periods throughout the day and night. The oil filled radiator units are permanently sealed and therefore never needs to be refilled. Each heater uses a specific kind of oil which provides for stable and efficient heating. There are a range of safety features including thermal cut-off should the radiator be knocked over, constructed using rust-resistant durable metal which provides for a long life and has fully enclosed heating elements which reduces any fire hazard. If you want to buy a Delonghi TRD0715T, be sure to read a variety of reviews.

A De Longhi oil filled radiator heater may well be worth considering if cost and space are factors.