Add some edge to your space with this top dragon wall art!

Looking to fire up your wall decor? To add a fantastical element that surprises your guests? Or are you (or a friend) just really, really into dragons? If you've got a yes somewhere in here, dragon wall stickers are a fun, very cool, and very edgy choice. They run the gamut from unique Chinese dragons to beautiful fantasy dragons, and even some fun children's dragons thrown into the mix. Here you'll see five of the best of these dragon decals around. 

 Vinyl Wall Art Decal Sticker Chinese DragonMost dragon wall art is giant stuff, so you may be wondering how hard is it to put on or whether it will ruin your walls. The answers: easy and no! Most wall decals are peel and stick, like any sticker you've ever used. But they are specially made to be removed (pretty easily) with no harm to your current wall treatments. And usually - if removed properly - you can reuse them again. So while these dragons may breathe damaging fire, it won't be your walls taking the hit!

So whether you're a fantasy buff, a lover of Chinese dragons, or you're looking for a cool housewarming present or a unique Christmas gift for your favorite dragon geek, these cool dragon wall decals are tops. Take a look for yourself. 

StickerBrand Giant Chinese Dragon Decal

This popular dragon wall art just sprawls across your space.

Vinyl Wall Art Decal Sticker Chinese Dragon 60"x17" 5ft Long #230
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(price as of Jul 3, 2013)

When it was mentioned before that dragon wall stickers were usually pretty giant, you'll now know how true it is. This Chinese dragon beauty comes in at an exact five feet across and measures about a foot and a half in height. Yeah, it's big, and boy does it make a statement. 

While it does curve like most Chinese dragon silhouettes, its curves aren't as pronounced as some other choices. That can be quite a good thing if you're looking for a wall sticker that can fill up the width of the space without sacrificing height. 

The default color for this sticker is black, but you can get it in your choice of sixteen different colors. This gives you a lot of flexibility to find decals that work with all sorts of colored walls. Make sure you email the vendor your color choice when you do purchase. 

StickerBrand Giant Chinese Dragon (With Curves)

Another giant dragon, this one with some serious curl.

Vinyl Wall Art Decal Sticker Chinese Dragon
Amazon Price: $26.95 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 3, 2013)

Here's another popular choice, and it beats the first in terms of size! By a few inches that is: it's about sixty-two inches across (a little over 5 feet) and eighteen inches heigh (one inch taller than the first).

The big difference here is the curve factor. Here you've got a Chinese dragon with some serious bend, like it's curled to strike at any minute. It's a stylistic choice which you prefer more, as they are comparable in price. 

It also comes in a choice of sixteen different colors, so whatever color scheme you have going, you can choose a wall dragon that's going to pop!

Wallmonkeys Peel And Stick Fantasy Dragon

A colorful beauty and highly detailed.

Dragon - 30"H x 23"W - Peel and Stick Wall Decal by Wallmonkeys
Amazon Price: $34.99 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 3, 2013)

If you're looking for more of the fantasy style, this fantasy dragon wall decal is one of the top choices out there. It's got a ton of detail and the colors are vivid. It's like an artist has painted your wall!

And, best of all, you can choose the size you want. There are six sizes in total running from eighteen inches by fourteen inches all the way up to sixty inches by forty-five inches! No matter the size space you've got, you can make one of these unique dragon decals work. The smaller sizes can fit in hard to decorate corners and the larger ones are definite focus points - great for living rooms or any other locale (with lots of wall space) where you want a big splash in terms of decor. 

RoomMates Dragon Hunter Peel And Stick Wall Decals

A perfect children's dragon wall sticker set!

RoomMates RMK1267SCS Dragon Hunter Peel & Stick Wall Decals
Amazon Price: $13.99 $13.02 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 3, 2013)

What a fun set for the kids. If you've got a little dragon hunter around (or niece or nephew into fantasy tales), this set of dragon hunter wall decals is a gift that'll hatch a lot of smiles. 

It comes with twenty-four stickers in all, so it's a lot of fun to use a little imagination on their placement. In fact, it's a great time for the kids to get involved and dream up how the stickers should work together. If a mistake is made, no worries!. These all can be repositioned as long as care is taken when they're removed from the wall. 

StickerBrand Colorful Chinese Dragon Wall Decal

Printed Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Chinese Dragon MMartin147s
Amazon Price: $44.95 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 3, 2013)

Here's the most colorful Chinese dragon of the bunch! It's full of rich blues, reds, and greens, making it a definite stylistic choice for any space. Seriously, this is the type of wall decal that you choose your decorating around. It has got major impact, but the color scheme won't work everywhere. And it's big too - twenty inches tall and fifty-two inches across (a little over four feet).  

BUT, if you're wanting that in your face dragon impact piece, you aren't going to find few Chinese dragons better in terms of color, detail, and design. It's got serious wow factor. 

Wake The Dragon In Your Space

You've seen some of the best dragon wall stickers out there, and you can be sure that any of them will create that edge that you're after, albeit each in a different way. As wall decor they sure have style, and as a gift for the dragon fanatic close to you, there are few that can surpass them. They are sure to wake up a space!