For years eBay has been the number one website that people have chosen to do their buying and selling. Buyers have loved eBay for the terrific deals that they could find there, and sellers loved it because of the high traffic that eBay receives, which gives their items a great chance of being sold.

Though eBay is still a power-house site, hefty selling fee hikes to sellers has made many of them look for alternatives to eBay. There have been reports that eBay has recently been surpassed by their main competitor, Amazon; when we say surpassed, we are talking about overall sales and cash flow here. This should not come as a surprise to anyone though because eBay is making it too difficult for sellers to make a decent profit.

EBay charges all sellers a selling fee to list their item, this fee must be paid whether your item sells or not. The cost of an insertion fee depends on how much your item is selling for, and whether you are listing your item as an auction, or a fixed price item. You are also charged a final value fee if your item sells, the FVF you are charged depends again on whether your item is an auction style listing, or fixed price item, the category your item sold from also plays an impact on what you are charged.

Let's give a little example here. If you are selling a video game as a fixed price item for $60.00, your listing fee would be 50 cents. Now let's say that your video game sold, since it would be in the books, DVD, movies, music, and video games section, we will go by the eBay selling chart for this category. You will pay 15.0% of the initial $50.00, which would be 75 cents, you will also pay 5.0% of the remaining sales price, which would be an additional 10 cents. So all together here you will end up paying $1.35 for this sale. If you want to add any extra pictures, or use any of the other special listing features, your eBay selling fees would increase even more. Chances are that you would also be using PayPal (which is owned by eBay), so you would also have to pay additional cost to PayPal.

One of the great ways that sellers would get discounts on selling their items in the past was by opening up an eBay store. You could open up a basic eBay store for only $15.95 per month, a premium store for $49.95, or a anchor store for $299.95 per month. By owning an eBay store, you could list all of your items in your store, categorize your items, build links to your store, and do all sorts of other stuff with it. Having an eBay store was a pretty cool concept for anyone who wanted to sell their stuff, the big discounts that you would receive for listing your items in your store made this a no-brainer for sellers. You were able to list all of your items in your store for only 3 cents each, that item would stay in your store for a whole month for only 3 cents! Small time sellers got a great deal by purchasing a basic store, but eBay recently started charging basic store owners 20 cents for their listings instead of 3 cents. Premium store owners now get charged 5 cents, anchor store owners are the only ones who are still able to list for 3 cents. I doubt that any small time operators are going to pay $299.95 a month to get the 3 cents deal. Things like this are what is making eBay sellers search for alternative sites to sell their merchandise.

Amazon has been eBay's biggest competition for years and may soon surpass them. Listing your items for sale on Amazon is completely free. You only pay when your item sells, you will pay 6 to 15 percent of your sales price, plus a $0.99 fee per transaction. The fees that Amazon charges are not cheap, but I do like the idea of not having to pay anything until your item sells. The $0.99 per transaction fee can be avoided if you become a Pro Merchant Seller. It will costs you near $40.00 per month and is worth it only if you are selling at least 40 different items. Pro Merchants also have the privilege of making new listings for a product that is not on Amazon already. Standard sellers can only sell things that are already in the Amazon catalog. Like eBay, Amazon has very good search engine rankings.

Bonanzle is a up and growing sellers marketplace that many former eBay sellers have went to. Bonanzle sets you up with what they call a Booth, this is basically your own store and is free to have. There are no listing fees on Bonanzle and the selling fees that they charge are very small compared to eBay. For anything that sells for less than $10.00, the selling fee is $0.50. Less than $50.00, the selling fee is only $1.00. Less than $100.00, a $3.00 charge, less than $1000.00 is a $5.00 charge, and $1000.00 or more is a $10.00 charge. Talk about a sellers paradise! Bonanzle in my opinion is going to be one of the top seller sites in the up coming years. Bonanzle has a high search engine ranking in Google shopping.

Another alternative to eBay is eCrater. This site is a wonderful online marketplace and a free ecommerce website builder. Sellers get a free online store and can name it anything they want. All products are listed in the marketplace for free, as well as your store. eCrater, like Bonanzle, has a great search engine ranking in Google shopping. There are absolutely no fees for selling on eCrater. no fees for listing anything, and no fees when your item sells. For sellers who don't want to pay a dime for selling their items, eCrater is the place to be.