Selling tips on eBay: baby, toddler, and kids' clothing

Children tend to outgrown their clothes fast, sometimes only wearing an outfit once or twice, or even before they get a chance to wear a special outfit. You can make money from selling your kids' new and used clothing through an eBay auction. eBay clothes bidders appreciate the deal on recycled children's clothes and you can use the extra cash to buy your kids new clothes. Use these selling tips on eBay to increase the chances your children's clothes do sell at the highest price possible.

Use eBay Clothing Terms

Regular eBay bidders use a few common terms when looking for children's clothing. These include NWT (new with tags), NWOT (new without tags), EUC (excellent used condition), and GUC (good used condition). Use the acronym and write out the condition of the children's clothes in your listing to catch searches from people using both terms. Also, use the terms appropriately. If the clothes have even slight stains or wear, do not say they are in excellent condition (EUC). Likewise, if the clothes have been worn just once, do not say they are new to falsely give the impression that the children's clothes have never been worn.

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Create a Good Auction Title

The eBay action title is your most important listing feature. It can help you make money, or it can make people skip your listing. In the title put four key statements: the condition acronym (NWT, NWOT, EUC, or GUC), the brand of clothing, how many items are in this one auction, and a quick description of the clothing item. For example, if your eBay auction is for a used Children's Place dress the title may say: EUC size 4T Children's Place Dress.

Post PhotoseBay clothes (26039)

Always post a photo when selling  eBay clothes. Without photos, especially if you're selling used children's clothing, the chances of your auction items selling are slim. With a photo, you're more likely to not only sell your item, but make more money on it as well. The number of photos you post can vary. Do include every clothing item in the photo or photos.

Name the Children's Clothing Brands

If you are selling brand name clothing on eBay be sure to list the brands of the clothes. Favored children's' brands such as Gymboree tend to do well on eBay auctions, even when used. Listing the brand names not only tells potential auction bidders exactly what they are buying; it will help your auction listing come up in searches for that particular brand.

New Clothing Tips

New clothes, with or without tags tend to sell well on eBay. There are some tips to make more money on the new clothing auctions. One, include a photo of the tag still attached if possible. For desired brand names, such as Gymboree, Janie and Jack, and others, include the line that the piece of children's clothing is from. This may take some research but can pay off, as bidders may be searching for that exact shirt or skirt to complete an ensemble.

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Used Clothing Tips

Used children's clothing does sell on eBay, although usually for significantly less money. To save yourself some time and still make the online auction worthwhile try selling "lots" of used clothes. A lot auction includes several items. Sometimes a "lot" of 10 used boys' shirts and pants for the winter sell better than when sold individually. And it's more convienent to ship all your eBay clothes to one address. If the clothing has any defects, try to get a photo of that as well to post. This reduces the chances that someone will contest the sale because you were not clear in your description.

Selling Children's Shoes

Name brand children's shoes, such as Robeez and Stride Rite, both used and new, sell very well on eBay. As long as the shoes don't have major wear and tear, clean them up as best you can (soles too) and put them on an eBay auction. Do post at least two photos of the shoes, one of the top of the shoes and one of the soles of the shoes. Seasoned bidders will ask to see the soles to judge the condition of the shoes.

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