Facebook Required For eHow Access?

Obviously, eHow is no stranger to controversy and marching to the beat of their own drum. Many people first noticed this a couple of years ago when they were “sharing” the articles written by their Writers Compensation Program writers with the UK audience without providing any type of payment or compensation to the authors. Then, we were forced to deal with their occasional “content sweeps” without any notice or notification of multiple article deletions. They claimed that these sweeps were to help make the eHow community a better place with more useful content, but that sounds like a load to me. Many writers lost passive revenue due to these deletions, but eHow couldn't seem to care less. Now, eHow is requiring a Facebook account in order for writers to access their eHow account. I could understand requiring a Facebook account for new members, but to block pre-existing members and forcing them to use Facebook is going too far.

Tonight, I attempted to log in to eHow to access and edit some of my articles. I was prompted to login with my Facebook account. I have to be honest here, and say that I would never, ever link my articles to my Facebook account. I have a very limited Facebook account that I use to keep in touch with a handful of family and friends. It is no one's business but my own that I write online for supplemental income. Even more importantly, I would hate to be judged by friends and family based on the content of some of my articles that I have published on the eHow website. I have a wide variety of published content that ranges from just about everything from baseball to STDs and just about everything in between. I don't need anyone making any strange assumptions based on the content of my work. Secondly, I do not believe in promoting my articles through my personal Facebook account. I don't like being attacked with promotions and advertisements while on Facebook, and I assume that nobody that I am friends with on Facebook would appreciate it, either.

I can understand from a business point of view why eHow thinks that this may be a beneficial move. Social networking is hot and has gone viral, and I'm sure eHow is looking forward to pocketing the additional revenue that can be generated based on social networking promotion. Again, Facebook linking might be an okay option to those are willing to do so, but to force eHow writers who have already contributed work to link their writing with a real identification account is a bad idea. My husband is also a contributor to eHow, except he does not have a Facebook account, nor does he want one. So, does this mean that he no longer has access to his articles and content because he does not want to sign up for a Facebook account? This is another issue that eHow is going to have to address as quickly as possible.

Perhaps I'm just overreacting about linking my eHow articles with my Facebook account. Maybe this is just the last straw and I'm just fed up with eHow as a whole. What about you? How do you feel about being required to link your eHow articles with your Facebook account? Do you think this is a great promotional idea, or an absolute violation of your privacy?

eHow and Facebook

eHow and Facebook: Gone too far?