An Economy Class Hotel

Guidelines to follow

Many hotel owners sometimes don't know what should the proper guideline that will be applied in their hotel building. They just look for architects to design their hotel not even giving a little requirement on what the outcome they would like. Having a hotel for a business can be relatively hard to manage. If you want it to be perfect and to get back your investments easily, it should be well thought of; from the design of the building, circulation, function, down to its management. So here are some tips in designing your own hotel. 

First of all, before hiring an architect or engineer to build your hotel building, it is a must to know that hotel varies in classification and rating. There are 4 class of hotel;

  1. The De Luxe hotel
  2. The First class hotel
  3. The Standard class hotel and
  4. The Economy class hotel

This depends on what you're going to put up and what is permissible by the Department of Tourism. So let’s go down to the simplest type of hotel, the Economy class hotel.

What is an Economy class hotel? These kinds of hotel mostly harmonize with the middle class guests and visitors who don’t want to spend too much in a hotel room overnight. So they often look for a hotel that will accommodate their needs, at the same time having to pay less. So how are you going to make your hotel one of the economy class?

  • Provide spacious yet affordable rooms that can accommodate at least 2 to 4 persons.
  • Instead of using the single sized bed, think about altering it into a double sized or queen sized bed which will be comfortable enough to your guests.
  • Maximize the space of your buildable area by making all the rooms equal in size and dimension. After all, you're into spending less but looking forward to earning a lot. But take note, being thrifty doesn’t mean being incapable of providing your guests needs.
  • The building features, both architecturally and structurally, must be of good standard to attract the tourist’s attention.
  • Do not forget the two essential parts of hotels, the front and the back of the house.
  • Choose properly and meticulously the service staffs that you will hire; they will add a big impact on your hotel’s character.


Now let’s take a look on why the back and front of the house are the most essential part of your hotel.

Front of the House

This is the part of the hotel that the guests often see. It is where the standards of the hotels are sets. It include mostly of the areas that the hotel guests commonly use; the bedroom, lobby, information, management, café, shops, and many more.

Back of the House

If the front of the house is a dream fulfilling, then the back of the house  is the one who makes all that dreams come into reality. It is where the needs and wants of the guests are getting ready. Though required being invisible from the guests eyesight, the back of the house should stay presentable and clean to serve the customers right.