Steps towards improving your time

What makes you better & Daily nutritional diet

runners around the world all understand that running is key to improving your time.  Their are also other steps you can take to make yourself faster as well.  Its recommended that you play more then one sport besides cross country to build up different muscles and become more diverse.  Each other sport you play can help build a different muscle that is required for cross country. sports that go perfectly with cross country are track and basketball since both sports focus so heavily on running consistantly but at a faster pace.  You technically want to focus on making yourself better at speed and endurance.  It doesnt matter If you get good at either so long as you improve your running technique and build up your velocity. Another way to improve your running time effectively is to always race someone better then you because 9 times outta 10 your going to try your best to keep up with them and you will eventually catch up to their pace so long as you work at it.

Diets that help improve your time, are very simple. You can eat 2000 calorie diets just as long as you continue to run.  Its encouraged that you eat more then 2000 due to the fact that cross country runners burn a considerable amount of calories from running for hours on end.  Most basic healthy foods will do and as long as you drink water everyday instead of sugar you can see yourself speeding past the competition in no time.

Training tips

What to practice & Do's and Dont's

Make a habit of running atleast 4 days a week, this will help your muscles adjust to the stress of running and eventually you wont even break a sweat when you run your race.  If your running a 3 mile race then its recommended that you run five miles a day in order to keep yourself at a level where you can nearly sprint the whole track. They recommend running twice the miles you will have to run in a race.  Work on breathing techniques so you get into the habit of breathing in through your nose, if you breathe through your mouth your expanding more energy and you will get tired much faster. A runner should be able to do 50 or more push ups in order to build the strength in their arms, while running its very easy to wear your arms down and if your arms are tired then your running style wille change for the worse causing you to lose control and burn more energy trying to run at the same pace. Last but not least is  flexibility, staying loose and limber will keep you from cramping up or suffering an injury that could ruin your career faster then your

Things you should do: rest up and drink plenty of water the day before a race.  Run warm ups before a race, then stretch often to stay limber

Things you dont do: exert yourself the day before a race, eat right before a race, or run with improper shoes, and never starve yourself before a race. All will impact your physical and mental capibilities while you run so best to avoid making such errors if you want to be at your best.