Ranging from little and cute to big and beautiful, and elephant wall stickers are affordable too!

Both children and adults find elephants pretty amazing. Kids love them for their fun trunks and their big beauty, and adults are amazed by their intelligence and sense of family.  It should come as no surprise then that decorating with elephant images is a really popular thing to do, especially for nursery decor. And one of the best ways to make it work is with elephant wall stickers. Below are five of the best choice around, all below $50 (some way below) that you can use in many ways around your home.Carter's Wall Decals, Elephant Patches

An amazing temporary decorating solution for nurseries (and toddler's spaces too.)

Elephant wall stickers are exceptional nursery wall decals because of the shared love of this big animal among many generations. They can work for either a new baby girl or baby boy, and they are perfect for the temporary nursery. If your nursery is a den or spare room that will soon be converted back to its original form, then elephant wall decals are a top decorating choice. They are simple as stickers to place and removal only takes a few quick minutes too!

Most of these decals can be reused. And they leave no trace of them EVER having been on the walls, meaning no painting or expensive wall repairs in your future. That's a lot of time and money saved. African Elephant in Jungle Vinyl Wall Art Decal Sticker

But many look great on living room and bedroom walls too. 

Why leave the elephant fun to only the kid's rooms? There are some elephant wall decals, especially the giant wall stickers, that are just perfect for adult bedrooms and living rooms. If you love exotic decorating - or your rooms have a worldly touch to them - then elephant wall stickers can enhance the look even more!

So check out these five great elephant wall sticker sets. Some are spot on for those nurseries, others look awesome for adult spaces. But in either case they sure are fun to decorate with!


SKip Hop Wall Decals, Elephant Parade

Have these elephants marching across your nursery walls!

This elephant decal set features elephants in a few different sizes - some facing left and others facing right. They make an excellent choice for chaining an elephant parade across your nursery wall space. If you've only got a sliver of horizontal space to play with, this decal set will definitely work. 

The colors of the set are beautifully relaxed blues and greens, and the larger elephants are patterned with bubbles, giving the look a subtle yet playful feel. When creating the parade, try turning the smaller elephants towards the bigger ones. It really sets the tone that those are baby elephants looking up to their parents. 

Mabuza The Elephant From ZooWallogy

An exotic look for living room, bedroom, and bathroom walls.

Brewster WPZ93891 Wall Pops Mabuza the Elephant from ZooWallogy
Amazon Price: $49.99 $15.95 Buy Now
(price as of Apr 24, 2016)

If you love paisley, you'll LOVE this large elephant wall decal. This is a set that you can create a real jungle scene with, as it features not only the beautiful elephant, but also lizards and palm leaves. Both the elephant and the lizards are decorated in paisley, and it's amazing how well it works! It gives the stickers a real unique charm, one that feels out of the ordinary and very exotic. 

Carter's Wall Decals, Elephant Patches

Pretty elephants for nurseries and toddler's rooms!

These elephants are as cute as can be! They come in shades of purple, lime green, and lilac, with all sorts of fun patterns decorating some of the elephants. To top it all off, there are also accent decals in the set - birds, hearts, and flowers in the same colors. It's a great set for nursery rooms, but young girls who are into elephants will love these stickers too!

Elephant Bubbles Nursery Wall Decal Set

A playful choice that comes in many colors!

Can a baby elephant be cuter than this? Here the young pachyderm blows bubbles across the nursery wall. It's a really fun look that can really fill up a wall. If you've been wondering how to decorate a wide open space in your nursery, add this to your list. 

Maybe the best part of all is the big choices in colors that you have. It comes in baby blue (above), but there are many other options too! Fifteen colors in total, from soft pink to key lime pie and many darker colors as well. This really opens up your options in terms of making this decal set work with different colored walls. 

African Elephant In Jungle Wall Sticker

A modern silhouette that looks great with contemporary design.

Jesus Head Decal Vinyl Wall Art Decal Sticker
Amazon Price: $16.00 Buy Now
(price as of Apr 24, 2016)

If you love the exotic feel of an African safari, then you for sure should check out this sticker set. It's in a modern silhouette style that showcases an elephant and baby underneath of an African tree. It feels adventurous and looks great with modern decor. 

This set, too, comes in many colors - again fifteen in total, so you  can easily match it to your room's color scheme. 

Make Your Room Memorable

Decorating with elephant wall stickers can really add beauty and play to nearly any space in your home! Especially if you are a new parent with new responsibilities and a limited budget, these decals can come in super handy for nursery decorating. But they can (and do) cross over well into regular home decor! If you love things exotic and adventurous, you'll love seeing these elephant wall decals on your walls.