Emergency preparedness is something many of us have taken for granted with our modern lifestyles. It seems like a given that electricity will always be there and food will always be available, but that's no guarantee. Especially as weather patterns shift and severe conditions are more a norm. We all should be thinking ahead, and emergency food storage is one of the biggest components. 

You can buy pre-made emergency food supplies (and it's recommended to have some stored away, especially water and meats), but what do you do about the long-term? How do you handle storage of dried goods like beans, pastas, and grains. And what can you do to give yourself an opportunity to thrive food-wise if power is out for extended periods? Below are some options to help. These are ready-to-go solutions that store safely away your excess dry-good food supplies. That's the preparedness that'll protect your family during the worst and unexpected.

Mylar Food Storage Bags With Oxygen Absorbers

1 Gallon (10x14) Mylar Bags & 300cc Oxygen Absorbers For Dried Dehydrated and Long Term Food StorageThis is the Swiss Army Knife of emergency food storage. You can't go without them. Mylar is well known for its use in safety blankets too, and if you've ever used one, you know how light weight it is and yet pretty tough. And it's surprisingly great at cocooning your body in away from the elements. That's, too, what makes these mylar food bags excel for keeping dried goods protected. It can keep food fresh for decades. 

When you place the dried good in the mylar bag, you also include an oxygen absorber. This small packet pulls out nearly all the oxygen in the sealed food bag, helping protect it from going bad over time. 

You can seal these bags with an iron or an electric hair straightener, anything that gives off a significant amount of heat. Make sure if you use an iron, you keep it off the steam setting, you just want the heat. 

Mylar bags are resealable in the same fashion, so you can open them when you need and protect the food again afterwards. It's smart to stock up on a few extra packages of oxygen absorbers for these moments, beyond the ones that come with the set of bags. 

Food Storage Buckets That Are FDA Approved

5 Gallon White Bucket & Lid - Set of 3 - Durable 90 Mil All Purpose Pail - Food Grade - BPA Free Plastic -You may be looking at these buckets and thinking that's what painters use, and you're right...kind of. There are types of these buckets that are also used for dried food storage. They also make excellent waterproof containers to bring with you on canoe and boat trips. In case there's an accident, your food won't be ruined. 

What's the difference between painters buckets and emergency food storage buckets? You'll want to look for pails that are marked FDA approved, meaning it meets the food-grade minimums set forth by the Federal government. This approval looks at the thickness of the pail, along with the type of plastic used. Not all plastics are safe for direct contact with human food supplies, so this is very important to note. 

In terms of the storage itself, these buckets have lids that lock down amazingly tight, helping keep the elements and additional oxygen out. For extra protection, it's recommended that you seal your dried goods in the mylar bags prior to using the bucket. This gives multiple layers of protection. 

Gamma Seal Lids To Go With The Emergency Food Buckets

Gamma Seal Lid - ASSORTED COLORSSometimes the lids that come with food storage buckets give in over time. They become less air tight, due to snapping on and off. And even if this isn't the case, you might want to think about investing in gamma seal lids for your bulk food storage plans. 

Why an extra lid investment? These lids you snap on once, and then you open and close the container via an air-tight inner lid. You twist the cross in the middle of the lid to release the inner-lid gasket system, and you close it up air-tight the same way. This saves you from the constant snapping on and off of lids, which can be a real pain and wears down the lids air-tightness over time. 

Survival Seed Vault

Survival Seed Vault - Heirloom Emergency Survival Seeds - Plant a Full Acre Crisis Victory Garden - 20 Easy-to-grow VarietiesSo far we've covered ways to protect the food you have now. What happens if you need to start anew and grow your own food? It's critical to have a solution for that. Having the ability to create your own garden can be a life-saver for your family during the roughest of times. 

The Survival Seed Vault above gives you a total garden solution in a hermetically sealed can. It's your own personal seed bank, containing twenty different heirloom variety vegetables. Each packet contains from 50 to 530 seeds and is foil sealed and resealable. The set even includes instructions inside on how to plant and care for each type of vegetable available within the can. That's a survival tool that gives a lot of peace of mind about future provisions. 

Protect Yourself And Your Food

Emergency food storage is not something any of us can overlook anymore, so moving forward with some of these solutions is not really an "if", it's a "when". To protect our families and survive the worst, it's a small step to take. One that'll give you and those closest to you a real sense of safety. 

There are other things, too, that can help protect yourselves in worst case scenarios. Read up on the best emergency radios, learn about the top crank flash lights, and, as was mentioned above in this post, see some excellent pre-made emergency food supplies. They can all help increase your emergency preparedness.