Serious times call for serious food supplies.

With all the extreme weather affecting the world these days, one question often heard is "How do you survive with food when the worst hits?" Well, it starts with being prepared. The Boy Scout motto is something everyone should live by when it comes to securing your safety against natural disasters. And gathering emergency food supplies is one of the first things you should do. 

wise emergency food grab and goThere are lots of options out there in terms of emergency food supplies, but they all have one thing in common: They'll last for years in normal temperature conditions as long as they are in their original air-tight packaging. This means you can store these food supplies easily for when an emergency hits. Live in a hurricane zone? It's good to have emergency food at the ready, just like an emergency radio or hand crank flashlight. The same goes for tornado areas and anywhere else prone to extreme weather. They're even smart to have outside of these areas as unplanned emergencies happen, make no mistake. 

Granted, they aren't gourmet meals, but they really aren't horrible tasting either. And they're here for your emergency preparedness, not for a leisurely Saturday meal with the family. Take a look at some of your best options below, many sold in bulk so that you can have enough liquid and meals for prolonged periods. 

Wise 60-Serving Entree Grab And Go Kit

It'll sustain you for prolonged periods.

Wise Company 60 Serving Entrée Only Grab and Go Food Kit (13x9x10-Inch, 11-Pounds)
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(price as of Jun 9, 2014)

wise company 60 serving entree only emergency foos suppliesIf you're concerned about an emergency scenario that lasts awhile, then a Wise entrée bucket is a smart investment. It comes with 60 entrées, that's enough to sustain one person for a month, or a family of four for an entire week. They use a nitrogen flushing process on the packaging which moves nearly all oxygen, and to protect the entrees even more, each kit comes packed in a sealable plastic bucket. These meals will last for about 25 years easily. There are some surprising entrée flavors in the mix, all based on pasta and rice. This is an excellent emergency preparedness investment to set and forget. That is, until you need it (and you'll be glad you have it!)

Mountain House Cooked Ground Beef

No cooking required for some essential protein.

Mountain House #10 Can Ground Beef, Cooked (18 3/4 cup servings)
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(price as of Jun 9, 2014)

Mountain House #10 Can Ground Beef, Cooked (18 3/4 cup servings)You'd be wise to have some protein to go along with the essential pasta and rice dishes, and Mountain House's cooked ground beef canister is a smart choice to pack away for an emergency. The meat here is pre-cooked, so there are no safety worries over undercooking. All you need is a bit of hot water, and you've got yourself some ground beef to use with other meals, or even on its own. 

This can also has a long shelf life--up to 25 years. This is accomplished again through nitrogen flushing the residual oxygen out of the can itself. There's also a way to reseal the can after opening, though it's recommended for your health safety to consume the can within two weeks once the seal is broken. 

Datrex Emergency Water

Packaged water is a must.

Datrex Emergency Survival Water Pouch (Pack of 64), 125ml
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(price as of Jun 9, 2014)

Datrex Emergency Water Packet - 3 Day/72 Hour Supply(12packets)Don't think of emergency food supplies as only, You also need a safe water source to get you through the toughest of times. It's essential, more essential than anything else. Datrex makes some excellent purified water packages that are the perfect serving sizes, so no water goes to waste. Four pouches per day is a good mark for an adult, so the pack of 64 above would last one adult for 16 days. A family of four would get four days of use from the same supply. 

This water has a shelf life of five years, so you can be secure in your knowing that purified water is available in the worst of emergencies. 

Meals Ready To Eat (MREs)

The U.S. military solution, ready for your emergency food stock.

MREs (Meals Ready-to-Eat) Box B, Genuine U.S. Military Surplus, Menus 13-24This is official U.S. military surplus, so it's an entire meal solution in a box. Perfect for emergency situations, and even to keep with you in a car or on a hike, as just in case emergency meals if an unforeseen accident occurs. 

There's a heater (flameless) in the package, along with a meal that follows specific caloric and carb/protein/fat percentages for just the right level of energy and nutrition to sustain you. You get an entrée with a side dish, crackers and spread, and a dessert. There's also a set of utensils in the airtight (and waterproof) meal pouch. All that's required is some water to make a full meal in only a couple of quick minutes. As a full emergency meal solution, you don't get better--as it should be since it's military grade. 

Store Food Yourself: Mylar Bags and Oxygen Absorbers

Keep beans, grains, and more stored for the long term.

10 - 5 Gallon (20"x30") 4.3mil Mylar Bags & 10 - 2,000cc OxyFree Oxygen Absorbers With Freshness Pill/Eye for Dried Dehydrated and Long Term Food StorageIf you want to store some of your own emergency food essentials for a prolonged period, there are the tools out there to do just that. This 5-gallon mylar bag solution is very smart for storing any sort of dried goods for up to 30 years! That's a long time. You use the included oxygen absorbers to remove most residual oxygen from the sealed bag. All you need is an iron for the sealing process.

You can reseal these bags once opened, so this is a flexible solution too. It's a smart way to prepare for large-scale emergencies or even just to store overages of certain dried goods that you may have around the home.

Be Smart--Stock Up For Safety

Emergencies do hit, so emergency food supplies should be something every family thinks about, before it's too late. Having some stored in your basement is a smart move that can help keep your family safe during the harshest of scenarios. It's the type of investment that's essential for your peace of mind too. Knowing your ready for the worst--being prepared--is where you want to be.