enTourage eDGe is a dualbook which combines the functions of an e-reader, notebook, touch screen tablet, audio/video player and recorder. In fact, we can say it is a two in one gadget: an e-reader and a touch tablet computer, each one dovetailing the other.

This dual screen notebook has one 9.7 inch eInk screen reader and another one 10.1 color LCD, powered by Android OS and an 1.2 GHz CPU. You can use the eInk screen as a e-reader but it is also ideal for highlighting your favorite parts when you read an eBook, then you can print them on paper or share with your friends. There is also a key aside, which allows you to flip the reader into a journal mode when needing to take notes. This e-reader part of enTourage eDGe support PDF files and other formats, but not the one used in Kindle, offers you the possibility to copy your own ebooks from a flash disc via USB port or a Bluetooth enabled one, buy them on line by included shop or get them free from Google eBooks which is also included in the installed library.

enTourage eDGe multiple viewThe Android part of the enTourage eDGe features a lot of things like email, browsing the Internet thanks to the WiFi technology, Office suite and ebook store aside some other default applications, but with no option to install bought from the Android. enTourage eDGe is very similar with the iPad (except the second screen) and can even use the same iPad cases.

You also can use it like a word processor by attaching a keybord and folding down the eInk like a laptop desk stand for the tablet. As a plus, when you read a book on the eInk part, you can open links by dragging them to the notebook screen, storing notes added to your book, or even searching on the Internet paragraphs from your book. When you don't need to see both screens at the same time, there is the possibility to fold them one on the back of the other and use the one you need.

Speaking about the battery life, the producer claims to be up to 6 hours for the LCD mode and 7 days for the e-reader, which is quite good by our point of view. More details about this item and its price you can find on the official page of enTourage eDGe. All you should do now is wait for the first official review to surface the web and make your decision according to what customers say after a few weeks of playing with this dual screen marvel.