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eS Skateboard Shoes & Sneakers Styles and Models

eS Footwear is widely popular largely in part due to the unique eS skateboard shoe styles. eS Footwear proudly boasts a large and diverse selection of skateboard shoes and sneakers. eS skateboard shoes are often bought solely based on their looks, but eS skateboard shoes are as durable as they are attractive.

As a daughter company of Etnies Footwear, eS skateboard shoes had a head start to help them create some of the best looking skateboard shoes on the market. eS skateboard shoe styles range from bright and unique to classic and sharp. eS Footwear also boasts a large list of skateboard shoe models to choose from. Each eS skateboard shoe is designed with individual tastes and personalities in mind. Here is the current line-up of eS skateboard shoes and sneakers:

  • Accel
  • Accel TT
  • Cessner
  • Cessner Mid
  • Draft
  • Edward
  • Irving
  • eS-One
  • First Blood
  • First Blood Mid
  • Garcia 2
  • McCrank
  • Paxton
  • Shelton
  • Slant
  • Square
  • Square One Mid
  • Theory
  • Theory 1.5
  • TXL

eS Skateboard Shoe and Sneaker Features

eS skateboard shoes are not only famous for their attractive designs, but since they are a daughter company of one of the top skateboard shoe companies out there, Etnies Footwear, eS skateboard shoes and sneakers are able to implement the same skateboard shoe technology as them. eS skateboard shoes have features to maximize both comfort and durability. With patented technologies like STI FoamTM footbeds, System G2TM gel inserts, full-length EVA midsoles, tongue stash pockets, removable lace straps, vulcanized construction, water resistance, System Flo2TM tongues, and triple stitching, eS Footwear is easily one of the most advanced skateboard shoes on the market.

Kids eS Shoes

eS Footwear is recognized globally as one of the top skateboard shoe companies with a large and diverse line of kids eS shoes. Anywhere you find kids skate shoes or eS skateboard shoes, there is certain to be plenty of kids eS shoes to choose from. Kids eS shoes are often modeled after adult sized eS skateboard shoes, and have all of the same features and styles. Kids eS shoes are extremely popular because of their unique and attractive styles that kids tend to like. If you somehow can't find the kids eS shoes you want in the store, checking online is the next best option. There are literally dozens upon dozens of websites that have kids eS shoes for sale. Here is the current line-up of kids eS shoes:

  • Kids Accel
  • Kids Accel Nyjah
  • Kids Accelerate
  • Kids Cessna
  • Kids Cessna Mid
  • Kids PJ Ladd
  • Kids Shelton
  • Kids Square One
  • Kids Square One Mid

Cheap eS Shoes

There are quite a few cheap eS shoes to choose from, it's just a matter of what you consider a cheap skateboard shoe. Many eS skateboard shoes sell for up to $80, but there are plenty of cheap eS shoes for $60 or less as well. If you consider a cheap eS shoe to be even cheaper than that, then that's okay because there are also plenty of cheap eS shoes you can find on the clearance racks or on sale on websites. Many places still have older models of eS skateboard shoes and when the newer ones start to come out, these older models start to become cheap eS shoes. Just about anywhere you find eS skateboard shoes, you're bound to come across quite a few cheap eS shoes that still have the same kind of quality and attractiveness as the more expensive models. Here is a list of some cheap eS shoes that are priced at $60*:

  • Edward ($60)
  • First Blood ($60)
  • Theory ($60)
  • Accel ($60)
  • Square One ($60)
  • Square One Mid ($60)
  • Eldridge Theory ($60)

*Prices taken from SkateAmerica and Zappos on 1/30/2010

eS Footwear's Sponsored Skateboarders

This brand boasts an impressive list of pro-skateboarders that rely on eS skateboard shoes every day. Not only do these skateboarders sport eS sneakers whenever they can, they also help create and design them. Here are the professional skateboarders that put their trust into eS skateboard shoes to do their job on a daily basis:

  • Bobby Worrest
  • Cale Nuske
  • Danny Garcia
  • John Rattray
  • Javier Sarmiento
  • Justin Eldridge
  • Mike Anderson
  • Rick McCrank
  • Rodrigo Teixeira

History of eS Footwear

eS Footwear was founded in 1995 by Pierre André Sénizergues. eS Footwear is a branch-off daughter company of the much more established Etnies Footwear. eS Footwear is also a sister company to fellow skateboard shoe makers Emerica Footwear. Since 1995, eS Footwear has consistently pushed the boundaries of skateboard shoe design and durability. eS Footwear is now recognized globally as one of the best skate shoe companies out there, and they don't look to be slowing down anytime soon.

Since 1995, eS Footwear has moved on from making strictly men's skate shoes and now has a full line of apparel including t-shirts, hoodies, hats and beanies, and also has a wide range of kids eS shoes.

eS Skateboard Shoes Not For You?

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