Playing family Christmas games is a great way for the family to spend quality time together. Christmas is one of those holidays where families are brought together and everyone celebrates with each other. When you top that off with the music, the festivities, the smells and the colors everyone will surely have a great time. Every member of the family will enjoy an evening of games and this will make this Christmas a perfect one. Here are some family Christmas games for young and old:

Pictionary with Christmas carols

Everyone will have a great time while playing this fun game. To play the Pictionary with Christmas carols, the family members have to form two teams. First, both teams have to send one of their members to the front of the room where he has to take a piece of paper from a Christmas stocking with the title of a Christmas carol written on it. After reading the title, that team member has to draw pictures, so the other team members can guess which Christmas carol he took. When they guess it they have to stand up together and sing the song. They have to start singing before the other group. It is recommended to let someone be the referee when playing this game. It can be very funny when the two teams get the same song and they have to race against each other to see who guesses first.

Snowman in the house

This is an ongoing game that you can keep playing during the whole evening. When the family is busy with other games, they are still playing this one. For this silly game you will have to use a piece of cardstock to cut out the figure of a snowman. After that you have to put some pieces of tape on the snowman. Keep in mind that the tape needs to keep sticking after a while, so remember to use heavy duty tape. The goal of this game is to stick the snowman on the back of another person. The family members can do this during the whole evening. The trick here is to just pat the other person on the back, so he will not notice that the snowman is being taped on his back. After discovering the snowman, that person has to repeat the process. It is possible that a person will be wearing the snowman for a long time without noticing this.

Guessing game with Christmas items

To play this game you have to put 20 to 25 Christmas objects in a large Christmas stocking. If you want to play the game a little faster you can also fill two different stockings with the same objects. Some examples of things that you can fill the stockings with are ornaments, a bow, a pinecone, tape etc. Each person gets a pen and a piece of paper. Then it is time to pass the stocking around so everyone gets the chance to try to figure out what the contents are, by feeling the stocking. The winner is the person who can write down the most items correctly.