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February is not the best month of the year, some say. It stands in between two major holidays, Christmas and Easter. That makes it somehow a month in-between; people do like holidays seasons a lot! Not to mention February is the last month of the winter. It is safe to assume that many can’t wait before the cold days will be over as spring is knocking at the door… However, February is an ideal month for travel. If not for any other reason, it is good for travel simply because it is traditionally the cheapest month of the year for booking your air tickets and hotel. Now, that is something not negligible in times of economic uncertainty at a global level. And if we think of a family trip, then to think thoroughly about your budget is even a more crucial issue.

What is more, family holidays are a blessing for the children. As they will grow up one day, they will eventually leave their parent’s house but the memories of the family holidays will stay with them forever. I sincerely hope that this family trip will have nothing in common with the legendary Griswalds’ trip to Europe though! Probably it won’t, so let’s take a look on four ideal family holidays destinations.

Ice Hotel


The Ice Hotel

Let’s start with Romania and a very unusual place that your kids will surely love it and, between us, you might love it even more! Located in the Fagaras Mountains, about 2.000m above sea level, you will find the Ice Hotel, an ideal place for the most unique family holidays. You guessed it right; it is made by real ice which is taken from a frozen lake nearby! Furthermore the hotel is changing every year as the ice eventually… melts! The excitement of finding yourself in such a place I think will stay along with your kids for the rest of the year, or even more! 

The Pyramids


The Pyramids
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If you prefer something warmer than pure ice, then why don’t you head to Egypt? Egypt’s history equals all of the big civilizations of this world. Imagine your kids next to the Pyramids of Giza; it’s really like being at Disneyland! Mickey Mouse is cool but what about The Great Sphinx? I do think that if a child has the luck to see at close range these ancient miracles it will be hard to ever forget all about it as history can be fun as well. You’ll find no problem to find a hotel suited for family vacations as Egypt offers all of the comforts a tourist asks for in terms of comfortable hotels and affordable prices.

Entertainment Parks in Florida

Florida's Theme Parks
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In case you’re more into thematic parks and less for ancient wonders, then Florida is the place for you (and your kids). There is a variety of thematic entertainment parks located there, you will face a serious problem when you will need to choose, believe me! The Sea World is something not to be missed at any cost. In case you want your kids to discover how sweet and beautiful creatures dolphins can be, then just book your 2013 Florida Holiday! As far as it concerns the killer whale show, well, why not? … Mind their attitude though! At Universal Studios your kids will have the chance to go behind the scenes of their favorite movies. Finally, at the Islands of Adventure, seven thematic islands (Harry Potter, Jurassic park, Marvel Super Heroes are tribute among others) are awaiting you and your children for an unforgettable adventure! Mind the fact that the ‘King of Hollywood’ Steven Spielberg was a consultant when the thematic parks were constructed!

Kamaole Beach Park Maui, Hawaii

Kamaole Beach
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Last but not least, we have Maui! Three beaches and a large park are awaiting your family for a few days of rest and tranquility. No worries, the weather is always good there and the Hawaiian scenery remains majestic and heavenly even during February. A huge advantage on visiting Maui this month is nothing else than the unique opportunity to witness the whales on their everlasting trip through the deep ocean!  Now, this is something that your children will never quite forget…