I am going to tell a few of my stories and give you tips on how to survive your first year of college. I went to a university in New England and the campus was nice, out in the open and next to a lake. Just like most college freshman I live in the dorms. That means a room-mate, My roommates name was Dave, he was a quiet kind of guy that like 80s rock music and Harley-Davidsons motorcycles. I didn’t think he was half bad, we got along for a majority of the year just by sticking to some basic rules.

  1. I won’t touch your stuff, so don’t touch mine.
  2. I won’t be an ass to your friends, so don’t be an ass to mine.
  3. Behave when parents are around.

     Those basically summed up what we needed to do to get along. Not that hard, but the floor I was on, that is an entirely different story. Somehow the people who decide who will share a hallway put the some of the worst people around me and Dave.

     Now my hallmates, I’ve got endless stories about them, but i’ll only tell you a few stories for your own sake. You might just even laugh ( I know I did at times). My hallway was loud almost all hours of the day, especially on the weekends.

     I tried multiple attempts to try and get them to quiet down, I talked to them, I yelled at them, I ignored them, I called building officials on them, But what i found worked the best was just turning on my Mp3 player and listen to that. That especially helped when it was 2am and I had classes and work the next day.  

     When they became intoxicated they were destructive. Over the course of two semesters they managed to create a $2,472 bill for emergency cleanings and repairs. Bottles would be smashed the bathroom floor, along with other bodily fluids. It was never pretty, there were days where i would have to jump over a pool of vomit to use the bathroom in the morning. There were also times where the stalls would be so disgusting that they would have to be closed. Thankfully there was another men’s bathroom below us we could use. Other than that you can’t really stop someone from throwing up.

     If you’re going to a college or university that gets snow, be prepared form prank pulls of the fire alarm. Have your coat always ready and some boots, the last thing you want to do is fall on your butt while walking out of the building. You might want to have something to eat and drink with you. I’ve been stuck outside for almost an hour before, it was dark, windy, and the temperature was hovering in the single digits without wind chill.

     Now I told you that you might laugh and I’m going to share that story with you now. It was mid November and the semesters finals were just around the corner. With december nearing some people were getting in the Christmas spirit. Thats fine with me, but these people went as far as to put a christmas tree in their dorm room. Of course it was against the rule to have a christmas tree in our dorm, it is a fire hazard. We weren't getting another room inspection this semester so nobody thought anything of it.

     That is until someone pulled the fire alarm again. And when the fire department comes the building monitors check every room to make sure there isn’t a fire and to see if students were still asleep inside. Now the people who had the christmas tree weren't in a good standing with the college. They were close to expulsion. So the fire alarm goes off, they think to themselves how the hell are they going to hide the tree. Apparently the best way to hide the tree was to throw it out their window, which faces the front of the building, where everybody stands during these situations. Most people were dumbfounded when they saw a christmas tree come out of a second story window. Thankfully no building officials saw it come out of the window, so they had no proof to go on. The next day the owners of the tree dragged it out into the woods and that was the end of it.

So keep christmas trees out of your dorm rooms, just a warning.

     But while your on campus it doesn’t hurt to find a job to bring in some extra money, and keep your dorm room full of food.

     Also at least attempt to do your homework. But it would be better to keep up with it in the first place. Also if you need help, talk to your professor, see a tutor. You’re not paying a ridiculous amount of money to not learn anything!

Crack is wack.
It’s only illegal if you get caught.
Don’t drink and drive.
Get plenty of rest.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: Keep in contact with your family.

Good luck out there!