Fish Tattoo Designs

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The fish tattoo is one of the most popular choices out there for tattoo designs. There are literally as many definitions, meanings, and understandings of fish symbols as there are fish in the sea, so you have a lot of material to choose from!

In this article on fish tattoo designs, I will go over a few of the most popular fish tattoo meanings, and you can learn a bit about what you may be placing permanently on your skin! Of course this article will also include a few photos of fish tattoo designs, so you can get a bit of creative inspiration when designing a fishy of your own!

Fish Tattoo Designs: Koi Fish Tattoos

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The Koi Fish tattoo is an option for fish tattoo designs. I actually have an entire article written on this subject, but in a nutshell here is the definition. The Koi fish is a Japanese fish that has a lot of symbolism for Japan. The Koi fish tattoo can mean a lot of different things, but it is often related to good fortune and wealth. A Koi fish tattoo can also be meant to represent different members of the family depending on the type and the colors involved.

These tattoos are signs of good luck, fortune, and family connection. You might consider getting this fish tattoo if any of these concepts resonates with you. 

Fish Tattoo Designs: Christian Fish

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The Christian fish tattoo design is a symbol that dates back very far into history. The premise behind this symbol (that you often see on the backs of cars these days!) is as follows. The Christians were persecuted in their early history, and they had to be very careful when meeting together. It was designed to allow two Christians to meet on the street. One of them would draw half of the fish in the sand, and if the other person completed it, it meant that they were both Christians and could talk and avoid persecution and death.

In today's culture, the Christian fish tattoo is a symbol of faith and devotion. When you see this symbol, you instantly associate it with the Christian faith. 

Fish Tattoo Designs: Tribal / Stylized Fish Tattoos

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Another option for fish tattoo designs is to go with the tribal or highly stylized options. This style is useful if you want to represent a thought or an idea without being overly general. The stylized or tribal tattoo should utilize elements of nature and movement, and can mimic or combine two or more elements into one unified design. 

With your tribal or stylized tattooed fish design, you might want to pick an idea or concept that you want to represent, and figure out how that will be portrayed. For example, if you wanted to represent freedom, you should design a way for your fish tattoo to exemplify that concept, maybe by making it free flowing or using colors that represent the concept properly. 

Above are a few examples of this concept.