ion, orchard road--paradise for shopping lovers

Singapore is definitely a paradise for shopping-lovers. There are modern shopping malls scattered all over the island, as well as small boutiques along the streets. In this post, I list five places you must not miss if you are on your shopping journey in Singapore.


Orchard road

As the most famous shopping area in Singapore, Orchard road to Singapore is like the Fifth avenue to New York.  The boulevard is flanked by grand shopping malls standing side by side, such as the Centrepoint, Far East Plaza, Ngee Ang City and the brand new Ion. Almost all the big names you can think of can find their way there, such as Louis Vitton,Dior,Chanel, Gucci. In addition,  the food at the basement floor of Ion is awesome and apparently more affordable than the luxuries on the ground floor. Thus do make sure to spend a day or more at Orchard road.

Tips: the annually big sale usually comes during June. Do not miss this golden opportunity.



Compared to the upmarket Orchard Road, Bugis is favored by youngsters with its large varieties of goods and more affordable price. You can buy almost everything from clothes to accessories to electronic devices at a competitive price, which explains why it is always bustling with exciting young people.


Chinese constitutes more than 70% of Singaporean population, thus it is no surprise that Chinatown in Singapore, also known as Niu Che Shui (牛车水),  is a well developed and prosperous region. As one of the main business districts in Singapore, Chinatown is filled with shoppers and tourists all the time. You can buy silk, gold and silvery accessories, herbs, porcelain and other ethnic handicrafts from small stalls lining the narrow streets. It is also the best place to buy some souvenirs to mark your journey in Singapore. Chinatown also provides the most authentic Chinese food, so if you are a food hunter, Chinatown is the place that you must not miss


Little Indian

As the name suggests, this is the place dominated by Indian shops and restaurants. Upon arriving, you will be greeted by a strong fragrance of Indian spices, making you feel like being in a real Indian city. It is the best place to learn about Indian culture  in Singapore. You can buy Kashmir silk, silverware and handicrafts with Indian characteristics. And remember to try some Indian food like roti prata and uttapam which are really nice.


Kampong Glam

Like Little Indian, Kampong Glam is the place where Malayan shops amass. The Arab street is its main shopping area. You can buy Arabian carpets, perfumes and various kinds of delicate rattan wares and jewelries. If you are good at bargainning, well, this is the place to show your talent.  Kampong Glam is also favoured by avant-garde fashion followers as it has  a rich storage of quirky and extotic clothes in its Haji Lane.