Don't be that girl!

Follow some simple steps to determine your body type and learn how to look and feel sexy as a plus sized woman!

It’s entirely too difficult to find clothes that fit and flatter for curvy ladies like us. Lots of designers seem to just be adding fabric to popular styles and hoping that they trick us into purchasing something that doesn’t look great, but fits into what’s “in” this season. Muffin tops and fashion faux pas no more! Here is a guide to help you find what actually will look becoming on YOUR shape.

First, let’s determine your shape…

  • Busty:  Your breasts are bigger than your tummy and hips – they stand out the most.
  • Full/Apple: Your tummy is bigger than your breasts – some jerk may confuse you for pregnant with the wrong outfit.
  • Pear: Your middle is smaller than your hips and upper ribcage.
  • Bootylicious: Pretty self-explanatory.

Still not sure which body type you are?

Get out a tailor’s measuring tape and take your measurements. Bust size is measured across the nipple line, waist is taken around your belly button, and hips around the fullest part of your behind/hips. Make sure your tape doesn’t droop or you don’t measure too tightly, as this will throw off your results.

Now that you know your shape, here are some guidelines to follow for each:

  • Busty: 

Make sure your tops have wider straps to balance proportions (and to hide your extra-strength bra).Take “strapless” out of your vocabulary – fussing with it all day or night is a pain, and  you will feel more self-conscious. Show off your assets with a v-shaped neckline and a supportive plunge bra. The depth of the V should be determined by the occasion – remember, too low is too low. 

Structure is your friend. Soft and flowing materials are wonderful and feminine, but make sure you don’t have extra fabric hanging down over your bust as this will just add weight.

Balance your body with your bottom piece. A-line skirts or dresses will add visual mass and give you more of an even look. Wider legged pants will also give this same effect. IF you are going for bust accentuation, a pencil skirt or leggings will give you this desired look.

As for jewelry, long necklaces might get lost in your cleavage and chokers make you look extra busty (and possibly unnecessarily slutty).

  • Full/Apple:

Dressing an apple-figure is fairly basic – avoid drawing attention to your tummy. V-shaped necklines with balanced straps that make an arrow shape out to the shoulder (such as a cap-sleeve) help give you elongation and draw away from your midsection.

A-line or flowy skirts/dresses can also help draw away from the stomach, if properly cut in the center. Rouching has become incredibly popular, and if done right, can help conceal your middle.The right print on a dress can also give wonderful illusions – look for something that is somewhat blurry and blended. Monochromatic outfits (shoes even) can also help to visually elongate your shape.The ruffled look down a skirt or dress (with a bell curve out at the bottom) can also give your body more of an hourglass shape while hiding flaws.

  • Pear:

Avoid wearing items that are poofy or frilly in the middle. Accentuate your mid-section as much as possible – belts as an accessory. A-line dresses and skirts should be a great fit. Avoid structured jackets as this will not show off your voluptuous hourglass, rather make you look wider. Really, you should be able to wear just about anything.

  • Bootylicious:

Minimization is really not required, but if desired, try a longer jacket or a fitted pant. Mini-skirts are not a good option. Spandex…well it’s a bad choice for everyone everywhere, but especially for you.

Other Great Tips:

An easy way to flatter your body with clothing is to BUY CLOTHES THAT FIT. Not clothes that almost fit, or in which you can get the zipper up. AGAIN, BUY CLOTHES THAT FIT! If your tummy hangs over your pants while standing straight up, they don’t fit. If your dress hugs the crevices of your back fat, it doesn’t fit. If you are hoping to lose a few pounds to wear your new top, it doesn’t fit! PLEASE, if you are going to shop, BUY CLOTHES THAT FIT! Nothing will be less flattering than looking like you squeezed into your outfit.

 The best way to flatter your body is to be confident. Confidence is the sexiest piece you can wear – and then everything looks great! If you can’t muster up some confidence, do your best to find something that is complementary to your shape and that you feel comfortable wearing. When you feel good, you’ll look good.