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Improving our overall content library *PLEASE READ*

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Member since Jun 11, 2008
dashboardc33 said:

One question, if you already told Google not to indext the article, and then it got boosted back up to yellow, what would happen then?

We would then tell Google your article should be indexed and it will reappear in the search engine.


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Member since Jun 20, 2010

I just improved my 4 or so red articles. Now all of mine are above 41. It's not a hard number to meet.

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Member since Jan 9, 2013

I have been taking one article a day and take it from yellow to green.  I know this may be harder for those with hundreds of articles on here, but you could take just one or two a day and make them better.  I like this idea.  

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Member since Feb 17, 2012

Good idea and reassuring - I'm working hard to get my low scoring articles out of the yellow.

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Member since Mar 13, 2010

It is a good idea to refresh and update content.  We all continue to learn.  Thank you.

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Ah, I was wondering what the colors surrounding the numbers on our articles meant. So Green is good, yellow is OK but could perhaps use a bit of improvement, and Red is thumbs down?

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Member since Dec 31, 2012

I'd be on board for this....

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Member since Mar 5, 2013

OK for me.

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Sounds good to me, too. I have 2 red to fix and will work on soon. Is there a thread or some rules about the rating system that you could fwd me? I know I've been away for awhile. I guess I want to know what to do to "fix" the low # to make it higher. Thanks.

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Member since Feb 12, 2010

I have a pile of them to fix but maybe if I fix them I'll actually start making some decent coin.  IB is still an awesome site and I love the idea of it being more magazine style than article marketing site.

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Member since Apr 14, 2010

I am making good progress on improving my articles and I have noticed that some of the ones that I have updated in the past week have quickly risen to be my top earners for the month ... so I feel the effort is well worth the time.  I no longer have any articles with a "red" score and I am down to only about eight articles with a "yellow" score.  I even cleaned up one of my charity articles and I hope that it earns more money for InfoBarrel.

I hope to have all "green" scores within a week and I plan to keep them in that range from now on.  As I improved each article I also added Amazon modules, so I hope to be greatly increasing my future earnings potential at the same time.  As far as I'm concerned, these scores have been a win-win situation.

I went through the eHow sweeps and ultimate disaster; I have had to fix articles on both Hubpages and Squidoo.  I don't have any problem maintaining my articles here, as well.  I agree with dmcgaw that IB is an awesome site and I believe that it is worth it to all of us to help it maintain itself as one of the best sites around.

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Introspective said:

Admin indicated they want InfoBarrel to be "the best place to write for writers, and not the best place to be a marketer." In addition they want to change the "outside perspective of InfoBarrel" to an "online magazine" instead of "an article marketing haven."  

I like where Admin is taking IB and I agree with the idea of requiring at least a score of 41 to index on Google.

I agree, this direction is a really good way to go! Stand out from the crowd of others all doing the same.

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I have one article that has a problem, and I think it's a technical issue. I have a very short text element introducing a video element, and then a longer text element explaining the video. However, it seems that only the first text element is counted in the word count, and the longer text element, which contains the most uses of the keywords, counts for keyword density, thus giving my article what I believe is an undeserved score of 18. The article in question is http://www.infobarrel.com/Upset_about_the_Supreme_Court_Decision_Allowing_Corporations_to_take_over_Elections%3F and any help would be appreciated, as always!

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All sounds good to me. I've been reviewing my articles and have managed to up all my red scores to yellow at least. I was going to delete a couple of yellow-scored articles that had very few views then suddenly I got a few dollars from one so it may not pay to get rid of them just because they have few views.

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As someone who is just getting started with IB (just submitted my first article for review) I think this is a very good idea. Quality content should get the attention it deserves and this will help I think.

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Member since Sep 17, 2009

I just spent the afternoon upgrading and adding to 12 red score articles I had, which I didn't think was too bad considering I have over 1300 articles.   So, this rating system has really helped me with a lot of my earlier articles, especially checking older links etc.  So, it is a very worthwhile project.  Am going to work on getting some yellow ones into green now!

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Member since Feb 22, 2011

I have not had any reds as for some reason I upgraded just before the change!

It does seem a good idea- also note that google de indexing does not occur overnight so in theory you could update it soon after receiving a 41 and it would not be de indexed at all (I think)

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Member since Jul 1, 2010

I think this is a good idea.  We want this to be a great magazine site with quality content.  the better we write, the better the site, the better we look.  It all goes hand in hand right?  I have no problem with fixing any of my articles.  I've taken care of my few reds and am working on the last of my yellows.  Then my goal is to go back to my earlier articles and make sure they are up to the highest standard they can be even if they are already green.

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Member since Jun 20, 2010

I checked again and one more of my articles was red, (poor). I improved it from 38 to 63. I still have lots that are yellow, but my portfolio is all higher than 41. Funny, I have a bunch of yellow "55" scores and green "55"'s as well. I'm happy as is but I'm sure all of my new stuff will start out at 60+ score.

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Member since Mar 1, 2011

I think a "41", while maybe setting the bar perhaps too low, should be feasible for anyone writing for content and not scraping and grinding.  Sounds like a winner, and a good place to separate the men and women (seriously skilled and dedicated writers) from the boys and girls.

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