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Improving our overall content library *PLEASE READ*

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Member since Feb 21, 2013
x3xsolxdierx3x said:
x3xsolxdierx3x said:

Anyone interested in creating a Fiverr, to help IB writers get some of their pieces over 41?

I have some articles that are just shy of 41, but little time to address them all....

I bet a Fiverr like that would be a HUGE hit.....

Hopefully someone sees this....because, if the Fiverr offer is structured right (maybe edit 2 articles, for $5?)...I'd be the first customer....

I don't have a ton of red scores, but enough to not have enough time to fix them...

Sounds like a good idea...

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Member since May 14, 2013

Where do I go to upload my photo to my profile? Can I comment on other topics apart from what other persons have written? I also need help to fill out the Amazon Associates Form.Urgent!!!

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This has been a generally great change. I'm guilty of a lot of red marks which are all now being slowly fixed!

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I've been following the ratings, and it seems to me they are very low scoring, even for good articles. I usually write pretty successful pieces, and it feels to me like they deserve more than a rating in the 60's. I have over 100 featured pieces on Hubpages, and only about 5 of them are rated under a 75. Most are in the high 80's and 90's. How spectacular does a piece have to be to get a decent rating? I'm considering coming back to write here as I do from time to time. I know that the numbers are somewhat arbitrary as long as you are told they are acceptable, but I feel disillusioned when I look at a piece I've written here and spent 8 or more hours on it, and know it would be scored in the 90's on Hubpages or Wizzley.

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I don't know a solitary thing about e-how.  I'd like to see IB become the place Hubpages people WISH they could just up and publish at.  I want to see IB become known to be BETTER than HP...


Yeah...I've got a slight grudge...it is what it is.Cool


HP is going to kill itself by allowing nonsensical crap like "Ten reasons why wesman todd shaw is awesome!"

or even, "Interview with wesman todd shaw!"


That kind of crap is rampant on Hubpages...it might get de-indexed, but I think it still makes the entire site look bad...because it has NO VALUE.

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Wesman_Todd_Shaw said:

I don't know a solitary thing about e-how...

eHow killed itself because they paid pretty good money (up to $15) to let their members write about anything and everything - they published a huge list of "titles" and you could grab whatever you wanted to and pound out a 500-word piece in less than an hour. You had to follow their formats, which was a pain in the rear, and they had an "editing" cycle. One problem was that some editors were just as incompetent as some writers - I once had an editor who wanted to define a 2-by-4 as "two feet by four feet" - idjit.

Since anyone would write about anything and get paid good money for it, the allegedly factual content on the site is so riddled with inaccuracy and out-and-out falsehood that it's widely considered a joke. The site has now reinvented itself as "demand media studios" and people have to submit a resume and a writing sample before being accepted as a writer - and they'll kick people off if they find you writing outside your field. 

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