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An Info Barrel Graph Worth Sharing (Bounce Rate %)

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This is a screenshot I took from Alexa.com. On it, you can see how Info Barrel's bounce rate % compares to some of the highest ranked websites in this industry (and in the world) (HubPages, eHow, Squidoo, Xomba)
In this case, the LOWER the # (%), the better.
This will be one, of many, charts that I analyze and display in my future "A Dynamic, Ongoing, Case for Info Barrel"
Now, one could take alot of guesses as to WHY Info Barrel's bounce rate % is lower, but, I believe strongly that is directly related to the culture and community that Info Barrel is fostering here. Writers here aren't just writing content, but they are reading other's content, and they are engaging and interacting with the community.
If you did a similar comparison of Facebook, you will see that Info Barrel's bounce rate % is actually beginning to approach that of Facebook (which many people spend hours a day frequenting)....Facebook's Bounce rate % is actually very low....
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I'll discuss this more in my article, but, for this thread, here is a helpful article:
From the Article above:
  • "A low bounce rate indicates that the site is attracting the right kind of audience, and that visitors are exploring the site's content. (What Info Barrel has)
  • A high bounce rate suggests that visitors aren't finding what they're looking for when they arrive on the site, and are going back to their search engine to find something else."
    Granted, as someone had mentioned in the comments:
    "Bounce rate is subjective and totally dependant of the type of site that it is being measured for this metric."
    For the nature of Info Barrel, I think one would EXPECT them to have a high Bounce rate. Essentially, I think it may be common to expect that a user would find an article, read it, consume all the knowledge they need, then LEAVE without exploring or interacting further with the site. The data seems to indicate differently....that, when people reach this site, via a Google search, not only do they read one article, but they continue to Sign-up, explore and interact with the site. I still think this attributable to the community and culture that this site is fostering.
    Even though, say, because I like picking on them, eHow is a top ranked website, it does at least appear that people find their site, and then leave immediately after reading articles. I think, with time, Google will find favor in Info Barrel's ability to have a low bounce % AND keep visitors on pages/the site for long periods of time. We could talk about this to no end...
    What do you all think? I think this chart is fairly significant, and revealing of the future of Info Barrel....
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    Don't forget to use that graph in your next post ;) :) (If you want to, of course...)
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    i think i have the perfect idea on where to use that graph x3x...thanks its much appreciated

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    Take eHow for example, 'some' writers there were earning in excess of $1,000/month....some approached $2,000 (the highest-reported earnings I remember seeing, was around $1,800 there...).....Yet, their bounce rate % would indicate that people visit their site, and leave quickly after consuming information....

    This means that, on Info Barrel, because users are frequently engaging and interacting, and it looks like they visit more than one article in a sitting (rather than just visiting, reading one article and leaving), each individual user 'should be' experiencing more advertisement impressions, as well as, a greater potential for each individual writer to earn more (as well as, Info Barrel, the company)....

    This doesn't even take into consideration what will happen if/when Info Barrel is so trafficked that it becomes a premium Adsense publisher. Like EzineArticles.com, when Info Barrel achieves this, they will be able to display MORE ad blocks on each article. Not only this, but they will be able to personally negotiate revenue share, on hosted advertisements, directly with Google. With all these factors in consideration, if people even remotely apply LSI/SEO, I believe the top writers here could very well earn in excess of $3,000-$5,000/month in residuals....

    Plus, with each day, the internet is ever growing and expanding. HubPages is HUGE, but it's getting bigger with each day.....the same is/will occur with Info Barrel....

    Publish articles, on Info Barrel, especially NOW, will pay off tremendously in the long run....

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    What I've been showing is a HUGE deal....it required a ton of research, but, with current trends and deficiencies of other platforms considered (with exception to search engine authority, as of right now), Info Barrel could very well become a Top-200 web property, at least....

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    I have a strong feeling that the 'bounce rate' forms part of google's algorithm. 

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    Me too, Justin ;)
    Is anyone else here noticing anything when it comes to trends, for Info Barrel?
    ....this stuff is REALLY important, because, more oftentimes than not, people submit 1 or 2 articles, don't see earnings....and leave to go elsewhere....
    The days of posting content, to have it begin earn immediately, isn't quite here yet for Info Barrel...however, they will be....and, pretty soon, there will be a TON of people jumping at the opportunity to write here....
    Consider yourself blessed to have found this place so early....
    Our articles are going to be pure gold when this is a PR7/8 website....
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    Holy crap! I just realized that Info Barrel is two words. I've been writing it as Infobarrel. Oops. I feel stupid. Anyways, this is great news. I'm glad I'm getting in on the action now.

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    It's okay I always write it as one word. I do it for any proper noun that happens to be a domain name though. For example I also say SheToldMe and StumbleUpon.

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    "I'm glad I'm getting in on the action now."

    Best decision you could make. Seriously.
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    Howie, thanks so much for all the research and information you show us, this is great news that we might not know about without your imput. :) :)  keeps us motivated!

    I have written on other sites, with huge restrictions, I like the freedom of this site, and the sense of community, and for anyone who loves to write (like me!) this is site is a blessing.  I am so glad I found this site when I did.  I firmly believe that this site will be huge, and can't wait to see it a PR7/8 site. 

    So for everyone who found it now, stay motivated and get more articles in! 

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    Here is something else to feast your palate on:
    This is the daily time on site for Info Barrel, as it compares to some of the leading websites in the revenue share/article submission aggregation industry. IMHO, this graph can be linked directly back to the transparent community and culture Info Barrel is fostering, among many other things.
    This has HUGE implications on earnings....but, I wouldn't just look at one of these graphs in isolation....
    When you look at all the data, holistically, you will see a site that is growing TREMENDOUSLY, offers more, and, with the generous revenue share arrangement, IF people contribute content here now, those articles will be pure gold when this site is a PR7 or 8 site.
    I know I'm a huge cheerleader for this site, but I've been studying this stuff for a long long time....with or without me, the owner's here are developing and nurturing a perfect storm that could/will be a Top worldwide web property.
    I've been making light of these trends since I first began writing here in August 2009....
    It is completely beyond me why I see other threads about people having difficulty staying motivated...
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    I think the motivation issue, is because people don't look at the big picture.  There have been all kinds of articles on this subject, but for many a couple of months in with no results and they start to back off.   When this is the time they should keep writing.  

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    "I think the motivation issue, is because people don't look at the big picture."
    Exactly right, Sookie. I don't think people DELIBERITELY fail to look at the big picture, but, one has to admit, people have been VERY conditioned by the inherent search engine authority of sites, like eHow, that have ALREADY been established. People go there, publish, and expect to earn immediately. The only reason this occurs, in this manner, is because people, like us, built eHow from the ground up.....
    I have something very controversial to say right now....
    Would anyone like to hear it?
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    Lay it on us!

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    lol...here goes....
    I know the owners here would never openly condone or advocate "sabotaging" another website to the extent of requesting that people delete and move all their articles here, however, while diversification is a key in everything we do in life, I think that (if not now), then eventually, people's articles WILL perform much much better here.
    When one tracks these trends, it's very easy to see why I am so hardcore excited about Info Barrel....but, one thing (of many) that I love about Info Barrel is the fact that they operate under complete transparency. (This is greatly needed in an industry that has taken advantage of people for way too long)
    Now, the controversial part:
    If not now, I truly believe that it would be in people's best interest to move articles from eHow over here. I completely deleted all mine simply because I had gotten fed up with the way they operate. I realize that others may not be so fortunate as to be in a situation where they can just delete and move their articles right now. People rely on the checks that come from the high search engine authority/trafficking of sites like eHow....
    In the longrun, here is what I believe will happen:
    1) Info Barrel will approach eHow in the search engine rankings. (I pick on them so much because they essentially ARE the leader in this industry....)
    2) Writers will earn more, especially when they begin receiving upwards of 30,000,000+ visits/month. This is the number we have to hit in order for Info Barrel to qualify for a premium Adsense account. This means that Info Barrel will be able to display more ads (more opportunity for writers to make money) AND negotiate their own revenue share with Google Adsense. Obviously, Info Barrel will negotiate as high of a revenue share as they can, and with their revenue share structure up to 90%, writers will be able to make a serious killing here....
    .....Forgive me for appearing to 'sabotage' them, but, from a strictly investment standpoint, those articles will perform MUCH better: and, under transparent and responsive management, over here on Info Barrel. I know that 'Godfather' sees alot of what I have seen....no need to rehash it....
    Even if you wait a few months to continually track these trends, I encourage people to revisit this site, and determine when you believe it would be in your best interest to move your articles here. I think it'll be inevitable, especially with major influential bloggers catching on to the value of Info Barrel, that people will (eventually) move their articles here.
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    I, and I am sure everyone on here , really appreciate the effort you put into all the research you are doing. The numbers as well as your posts and articles are wonderfully motivatinal.
    The fact that you can back up what you say with logic and facts is very convincing, but thenyou convinced me when I read your first article somewhere.
    I.. D ..E ..A
    I will use your info and rewrite all your arguments for an article I will post to Content Crooner, where I used to posy all my stuff for free, linking here

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    Thanks, Philtrate!
    I apologize if I'm a little "agressive" with my views. It would be unwise of me to paint Info Barrel as the 'end-all-be-all" for writing sites online. In fact, I have strongly recommended that people diversify their writing online, however, I do strongly believe that Info Barrel should be at the forefront of our consideration for publishing online. Many people don't quite see it or "get it" yet, but this site is going to make some serious ripples in this industry.
    I've been feeding this information to alot of top bloggers, for months....if there's any possible way, would you ever maybe mind linking back to this thread, or to me somehow? I know the information and data is out there for everyone to see, but a tremendous amount of effort has gone into providing everyone here with the substance/graphs/etc to make a very very compelling case for Info Barrel, both for their own referrals, as well as, to generally grow the site. I hope that isn't asking too much....
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    No problem. I should have signed up under your referral anyway, it was through your info I joined.
    It seems fair enough recompense for the effort you put in on behalf of us all here.

    . Would you rather I link here via your referral or just to a particular post or page?

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