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Hello from a confused newbie

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Member since Aug 24, 2016

I just wanted to say hello to everyone. I signed up today and before posting my first article I decided to spend some time browsing the forums to get to know things better.  

I'm surprised to discover a lot of people complaining about payments not being made, incorrect amounts, a promised upgrade to the system that never happened, and a lack of response from the admin. However, the most troubling thing is that most of the people who recently signed up are gone, including many old timers.

The only recent response I see from the admin is a post with a link to his latest explanation. But the link doesn't go to his post, just to the entire forum directory. 

So, what's going on?  Am I about to waste my time here? Or am I just reading the wrong things from the wrong people?


6 posts
Member since Aug 24, 2016

Thanks kellapat, I appreciate your reply. And yes, I did already read the guide, among many other things on the site. There is lots of information to help newbies, but some of it is out of date too. 

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Member since Jan 27, 2012

I've been gone for a few months and am really surprised by the posts lately.  InfoBarrel was one of the most supportive places with a great community, but it seems to have turned quickly.  Quite some time ago I switched to posting content on my own websites to have full control over what is published, be able to get all the revenue for my efforts, etc. but I always came back to give back to folks here where I started out early on.  I sincerly hope things turn around and get better soon. 

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Member since Apr 2, 2017

hello frank, have a nice day. Jasa Konveksi

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