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IB4 Beta Release

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RoseWrites said:
mommymommymommy said:
RoseWrites said:

RE:  It has been a blast. I will miss you all.

Mommy Cubed, did IB shut down the site? Did I miss something?

Thanks in advance, 



Obviously not. I am writing this response to you.

That being said, there has been no admin presence for two months and no one can publish or edit an article. Many of us have tried, and we get error messages. Some have contacted the admins via social media and no response.

So while we can still write in the forum, this is the only place to do so.

Okay, thanks, I was looking for some official announcement.

No official announcement...  I understand that things happen and sites can come and go, that is life on the web... but for me, its the lack of contact from admin.   

I think for all the effort the writers have put into this site, we deserve a response of some kind, good news or bad.  

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admin said:
Neal_Litherland said:

I do have a question (and I didn't want to start a whole new blog post for it).

Will we be able to put links into our articles eventually? As of right now you can click the "link" icon, but the window where you'd paste the link comes up blank. Whether this feature isn't coming back, or it will but is currently under repair, I'd really like to know so I can start planning future posts.

This one is fixed now.

I'm glad you put this in here actually.  I've been using this as a rolling bug report.  So if anyone finds more issues, please put them in here so we can address them all in the same place.


Hi Kevin, hopefully you're still checking this thread as a rolling bug report.  I just logged back in to my account after a long absence and am checking out some of the changes.  I would like to add a few things, most of which have already been addressed somewhere in this thread:

PMs I see the PM feature is still available, but how to we start new PMs to other writers?  I have a couple of really old messages sitting in my inbox, and it looks like I can reply to those messages, but I can’t figure out how to start a new message with someone.


Deleting articles please admins, please consider giving us the ability to delete our own articles.  Some of my older content is just awful or outdated and cannot be edited into a decent article.  I would much rather delete my content myself than depend on you guys to have to do it for me.


Score can someone explain this to me?  When I hover over the score the cursor changes to a little question mark but when I click on it nothing happens.  What do the scores mean?


Unsubscribing from Forum Threads – I think this was mentioned before, but when I unsubscribe from threads, the pushpin changes from red to gray but the thread is still stickied at the top.  Can you fix it to where it drops off from the top of my feed?  Incidentally, it seems to work if I subscribe to a new thread (by moving the thread to the top of my feed).


Thanks admins, hope you guys are able to address this!

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Sounds like a lot has been changing for a while. Hopefully it all works well. Blake4d

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